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    You don’t hear many comments from Clinton. But I have noticed he is humble and unassuming kind of man. I’ll say this though, if I was ever need of back up in a brawl I would gladly take his help. That photo makes him look like he could twist your arm with no trouble.
    While I was typing this out my phone notified me that John Glenn passed away. He was my hero when I was a child.
    America just lost one of our truly great citizens. Not only were his feats legendary, he was a truly great human being.
    He will be missed.

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      Agree about john Glenn. Sport and movie stars are not heroes. Glenn was , and he was a US Senator as well. We need more like him.

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    I do not enjoy that quote from Tandy. Correct me if I am wrong, but were the Bucs not 6-6 last year and in the hunt before dropping back to back games vs the Rams and a team I refuse to name? Those were meaningful games that I was not happy about, a higher draft pick and Lovie gone were nice side effects but not at that time. No wonder our secondary was terrible last season, they didn’t even give themselves a chance!

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      Tandy is absolutely correct, actually. Unlike you and me, he was inside the lockerroom when the head coach buzz-killed the entire team at the beginning of their four game losing streak last season. They could all read the tea leaves and knew that Lovie Smith was a loser and they were destined to lose.

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        In other words, don’t blame the messenger

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