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      Agree – more drat picks. That said, meniscus is the least serious injury. This sounds like the equivalent of lube, oil and filter type thing. If it was play or accident related he’d have had it done in January. Rehab is pretty straight forward. Should be back for camp.

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    Bucs also have Leonard Wester, Avery Young and Brad Seaton that can handle RT until Dotson returns. Seaton might be an under-the-radar type that could push for reps this year.

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      Yes, interested to see what Seaton has to offer. He is a big guy. Apparently he is much better on the right side, but let’s hope Dotson comes back without a hitch.


      “Not powerful but balanced and fundamentally sound, Seaton has some potential to grow into a quality swing tackle”

      Looks like Avery is pretty versatile, but someone that they’d prefer at guard due to “lack of necessary lateral agility”, although he can play right tackle as well.

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      Ron Gibson

      His return on time should not be a problem. Of the many types of knee injuries this is one of the least serious. You can had this surgery and literally walk out after you wake up. Of course there are greater and lesser degrees of a meniscus tear but I’d think they would have reported it as being serious if in fact it was. Typical surgeries on a tear is a stich or 2 and cleaning out loose tissue.

      However it does have an impact and you grow older. Osteoarthritis of the knee is essentially the degeneration of the meniscus which acts as a pad between the upper and lower leg bones. As you age it gets thinner and when it becomes too thin or disappears altogether you get bone on bone grinding for which knee replacement surgery is the required fix.

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    Pit of misery

    Big time set back Godspeed my friend !

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    Explains the McGlinchey visit…

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    I have no personal knowledge about this injury, but Google is my friend.

    For the most part, rehabilitation can be carried out at home, although the doctor may recommend physical therapy. Rehabilitation time for a meniscus repair is about 3 months. A meniscectomy requires less time for healing — approximately 3 to 4 weeks. (OrthoInfo – American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons)

    For a seasoned veteran without a coaching change and coming back to a familiar offensive system, OTAs are not that important that’s why for the most part they are voluntary. Dotson should be fine barring any setback in rehab for training camp and shouldn’t miss a beat for week one regular season. Be still my heart! Go Bucs!

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      Jonathan Goodfellow

      Good data, I wonder how accurate it is in applying to a 33 year old playing an intense physical sport. I wonder if this might affect his overall performance even if just from a psychological standpoint

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    Well, I guess better now than later. Get healthy soon my man, we need u out there

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    The Needs of this team are quickly tipping the balance in the Best player available debate for the upcoming draft.

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    With Dotson on the shelf, a trade with the Bills looks even more likely from the Bucs perspective especially if they can get #12 and # 22 and a lower round pick.

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    Buc 1976

    Does this change Bucs draft strategies?

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