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    4 games into the season and we are the walking dead. This injury report looks horrible.

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    No “probables” on either list. Interesting.

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      Randy H.

      That’s because the NFL did away with “Probables” this year since 99% of the time they played.

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    Very true Randy H.
    McCoy being out with an injury is not a big surprise either although those of us who watched the game on TV viewed McCoy walking back to the locker room on his own after the injury.
    Possibly it was much like the injury Al Czervik suffered in Caddyshack.
    I used to be a defender of McCoy’s but lately I have become disillusioned by his leadership, performance and durability.
    I just can’t imagine Warren Sapp taking the poor play of this defense for so long without calling players out and demanding more from them.
    One of the reasons Sapp used to “bully” certain players was to test their mettle to see how long it would take them to bow up to him.
    John Lynch told an interesting story once about how Sapp used to needle and mess with him until one time on a flight home, Lynch told him if he didn’t knock it off he was going to have a face full of Lynch on him and he wasn’t going to like it.
    Sapp smiled at him and said, “We’re good now. I know you can play with me.”

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