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In this week’s post-game edition of the Bucs Pewter Nation Podcast, Scott Reynolds, Mark Cook and Trevor Sikkema recap the Buccaneers crushing loss to the Carolina Panthers. The three take a step back and examine what’s really wrong with the team, if this coaching staff can even get it done, and tell a story about how the Bucs may not have had such a long coaching carousel if a certain thing came to pass — that almost did…

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  1. 1) Actually better podcast Mark, sticking with this compliment.

    2) Raheem’s being overruled on his OC (Jagodzinski) and DC (Bates) instead of who he wanted is depressing. Could Morris have scraped by with a competent staff? Still has the winningest season since 2005.

    3) Thank you SR for calling out the Glazers. About time someone does it.

    4) Defensive coaching is a problem. But don’t pretend it’s talented: over-the-hill Grimes, Curry, and McCoy. JPP is good but past his prime. 2nd year Evans, rookies at SS, RCB, NCB, a good David, terrible Adarius, rookie Vea…

    Tell me with a straight face that’s a talented roster. Maybe guys like Davis and Evans and Vea become good but they’re not in 2018.

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  2. There is just no excuse for this Defense. With stars like David and Alexander, JPP, Curry and Evans, we should be able to hold opposing offenses under 21 points. This draft was a bust from top to bottom. Hopefully, a couple of players will still be on the team from this draft class in a few yrs, but it is doubtful.
    I am dumbfounded. In Camp and Preseason, I did not see this coming. Koetter does not survive. Licht will be lucky to survive. Doubtful. Winston? We might have to keep him just to field a team with one QB with experience next year.

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    • Except Kwon is a terrible LB. He mixes splash plays with some of the worst man and zone coverage you’ll see from a starting LB. He gets blown out of plays and struggles to identify and fill gaps.

      JPP is good. David is good. Curry has missed a bunch of games and has been average. Evans is young, but as of 2018 he’s not very good.

      But like McCoy, David and JPP are no longer superstars. Name recognition doesn’t make a good defense. Past performance doesn’t make a good defense. Present performance does and all those players you listed are past their best years (David, JPP, Curry) or never had them (Kwon, Evans).

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  3. Scary we are this bad; who would have thought after winning the first 2 games?

    I don’t know how to physically or mentally fix this mess, but I do know about fiscal responsibility and most of these second contracts (or more) players aren’t performing. After this season is over, I would make some big financial changes as to redo contracts and/or release the poor performers.

    I’m incline to dismantle this defensive team and start over with coaches and most of players.

    Looking what Licht has done with 1st and 2nd round draft picks is pitiful. He’s got to go.

    I might give Koetter another chance as the offense has done good even though the OL needs some massaging. Next season why not put Marpet back to RG where he belongs? It might get Dotson one more year. Smith is so so, but will do if we get a LG in Free Agency. I would sign a seasoned RB or two in Free Agency.

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  4. Enjoyable podcast as always even when the subject is depressing. I am now firmly in the camp that says its the coaching which is mainly responsible for killing this team – specifically on the defensive side of the ball and the OL.

    Those saying there is no talent on the Defense are, in my opinion, wrong. They are not superstars but they can be better than adequate (don’t understand the knocks on JPP…I mean he has 8 or 9 sacks at the half-way point. If that’s being past the prime then we need more of those type of players). I can’t totally blame Duffner because he realistically can’t throw away the whole playbook at this point but he’s been a part of it for going on three years. The same for the rest AND Warhop.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Scott’s article from earlier in the week – Warhop has got to go. He’s been here about five years now and the OL is not good and we can’t run the ball (AND YET, we’re still putting up 25+ points per game! How!?!?!?!)

    Can Koetter and Licht survive this year? I think yes at 8 – 8 (minimum) but with a big condition. I think the Glazers may keep them based on the offense scoring so many points (again, HOW IS THAT HAPPENING WITH SO MUCH ELSE BEING SO BAD?!?!?!). The condition is terminating with extreme prejudice the ENTIRE defensive staff and some players and Warhop!!! (may Buckner gets a pass since he’s fairly new to that hot garbage we euphemistically call a defense)

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  5. Mark, Trevor, & Scott.. Why has no one mentioned the name Jack Del Rio as a potential head coach for this franchise? He had the Raiders firing like a well oiled machine before they let their man crush for Gruden dilute their brains. He’s a top 10 coach in this league & still unemployed! Hell, hes even a better defensive coordinator then what we’ve had or currently have! I just don’t understand this half assed franchise or their shoddy owners.

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  6. Thanks for the great podcast this week.

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