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The band is back together as Trevor Sikkema joins the rest of the group today and for the rest of the Bucs football season!

After hearing from Bruce Arians, Jameis Winston and Devin White at the podium, the group breaks down all that was said, especially when it came to Arians and Winston.

With only a day away from the start training camp, we break down what our expectations are for camp this summer along with a number of different topics such as the Bucs long term plan if Jameis Winston struggles and what pass rusher might step up this year. Football is back. Stay tuned.

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Alldaway 2.0

Interesting discussion on the offense. Yes I think there is room for improvement on offense. But to me the improvement on defense is far more important.

1. Forcing more turnovers gives the offense more chances to put up points or run out the clock.

2. Defense making stops to seal games.

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Mark Cooks commentary is awful. Hes constantly taking the conversation off of football.

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Besides losing jackson long routes with speed to draw a D back with Jackson and Humpchies cultch 3 downs catches, what fixes have been done to Offense. Also who is replacing Fitz’s record breaking yardage added last year Please someone explain what fix has been made to offense other than raises of 35 million to O lineman and QB that needs to be fixed???? Besides name calling, tell me the fix that has been made going into camp, Name the big name RB or lineman brought in to help Jameis. I understand they replaced jackson and Hump with 2nd stringers… Read more »