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The Bucs got back to their winning ways in Atlanta, defeating the Falcons 35-22. With complimentary football coming from both the offense and the defense, was this the best game the Bucs have played this season?

There were so many wild things that happened in the game. Vita Vea scored a touchdown on offense, Ndamukong Suh scored his second defensive touchdown of the season, and Mike Evans broke another record while he and Chris Godwin went over 1,000 yards for the season? But between all of that, there was something else that happened that was considered the craziest from the game.

We break down both sides of the ball and see what’s next for the Bucs, so stay tuned for a brand new episode of the Pewter Nation Podcast.

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  1. Finally a complete game … very much in all facets.

    We have seen the emergence of the type of defense Bowles wants to field. Let hope we can see some consistency for our five remaining games. More WINS as well! :>)

    In BA I must trust.
    Go Bucs!!!

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    • Of the 5 games left on the schedule, three of them (Jags, Lions and Falcons) are very winnable. You could arguably throw the Colts into that category as well. The only tough game left, really, is the Texans. Realistically this team could go 3-2 down the stretch and finish a very respectable 7-9.

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  2. To all Bucs “fans” who are groaning about draft position after today’s win…

    If we qualify for a top 5 pick that means we aren’t making any progress and that means that we have so much work to do that a top 5 pick isn’t going to solve it to propel us to the playoffs. Right?

    Now if we have a pick around say 12-15, that means we are making real progress, the coaching staff looks competent, and we have fewer holes than last year – which should be the goal every year, right?

    So how can anyone possibly be mad about that?

    Give me the 6-10 team over the 3-13 team any season. That’s how you get closer to 10-6!

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    • To all the people who are groaning about draft position: If top 10 picks were all they were hyped up to be, then why are the same teams always drafting in the top 10? In the meantime, the Patriots will get a pro bowler at 31 or 32.

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    • Now you are talking sense. Amen to that! 🙂

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  3. Yes playing to lose and get higher draft is stupid and hasn’t worked picking high over decade now. This team is close just need to fix O line and get another experienced CB. Dean and Davis starting to play better but not sold on Bunting. Will see I guess. Winston isn’t going anywhere sorry to all you that think he can’t succeed with average defense and O line. I see most likely 1 year Franchise tag coming Which I’m fine with. They may bring in a vet or later draft pick to challenge him but don’t see them dumping him and moving on base on what I’ve seen he hasn’t been this teams biggest issue. He needs to keep int. To 1 per game like Bruce said. First one was at least half Evans fault. Looked like lame route for sure. He’s had monster games and games where he just seems out of it this year.

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  4. I have been very disappointed with Jason Licht drafting, but getting Godwin in the 3rd round was a steal.

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  5. First game that to me the Bucs looked like they were the more hungry team wanting to win.

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  6. Draft pick makes no difference. The best players sometimes are lower in the draft. Tom Brady is a perfect example of that as he was drafted in the sixth round. Drew Brees was drafted in the second round. Brett Farve also in the second round. There are plenty of top QBs available in later rounds, the hard part is finding them.

    Here is what went right this week:
    1) Chris Godwin put up another performance that included two touchdown passes from Winston. Evans reached the 1,000-yard plateau for the sixth time to start his career, joining some elite company in the process. These two have now gone for north of 1,000 yards this season. This has something to do with not having a third receiver, but shows the talent the two have.
    2) Defense played a full game for the first time in years. While it had a few lapses, the defense overall had its best performance in who knows how long. It was able to harass Matt Ryan all day and continued to shut down the run all season. The coverage was better on the receivers as the young secondary stepped up and played better. Credit Todd Bowles for getting the rookies on the same page. No one misses Vernon Hargraves as shown by the play this week.
    3) Three good quarters of play from Winston. At this point, you have to take it. He did play fairly well from the second quarter on, including threading the needle on the 71 yard pass to Chris Godwin. When he is on, he can play with the best in the NFL.

    Here is what went wrong:
    1) Kicking fell apart again for the most part, with missed multiple extra points and one was blocked. Gay had a bad day – no two ways about it. It did not cost the Bucs this time as the offense and particularly the defense were playing well. Fortunately if Gay can turn it around against the Jaguars next week, he will be quickly forgiven for a one game lapse.
    2) The Bucs had a running game, with over 100 yards on the ground. They committed to it and did it this time.
    3) Winston’s first quarter. Two interceptions. The pass to Dare Ogunbowale was particularly bad as that was behind him. That is fully on Winston no matter who Arians want to blame. One hundred turnovers in his career now between fumbles lost and interceptions.

    I believe the Bucs at this point have to draft another QB. If they want to give Winston a one year deal as well as a protected free agent to see if he works out that makes sense. To fully commit next season to him is foolhardy.

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