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We are joined by special guest Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times for this new episode. While the Bucs are eliminated from the playoffs, there’s still a ton of questions swirling around the team, especially Jameis Winston and his thumb injury.

The group asks Rick if he was Jameis Winston’s agent, would he want Winston playing in these final three games? His answer really makes you think about the entire situation that’s on the line.

To follow up, the big question had to be asked about if Jameis Winston should be on this team next year, and will he? The PR group along with Stroud break down this question that has multiple layers to it, with everyone having a different opinion. One of the many questions include if Jameis is more Brett Favre or a Blake Bortles type. Buckle up and tune in for this new episode of the Pewter Nation Podcast.

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  1. Rick stroud has run a lot of quarterbacks and coaches out of Tampa Bay for decades. He held his tongue in this soft interview. Unfortunately the real fans know the real Rick Stroud…. He hates the Bucs. Straight up. Change my mind.

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    • The reason Rick Stroud is arguably the best Bucs reporter, is that he does not write as a fan. He’s brutally honest and factual about the Bucs, and what he believes to be their strengths and weaknesses, etc…

      Any reporter who writes or talks about the Bucs as a fan should switch their profession to promoting infomercials or become a color commentator on game day.

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  2. By my count in the 43 yrs of this teams history there has only been two QB’s that have been worth keeping, Winston being the 3rd. I would say Rick has done alright…
    Shout out to you guys on this podcast! You nailed it!
    My thoughts on keeping Winston are : If we are going to resign him then this offense has to change. This season under Leftwich Winston has been a “statistical anomaly”. Career highs in yards, TD’s, & turnovers. If we are serious about winning next year either Winston stays or Leftwich goes but the two of them cannot work together. Under Dirk Winston averaged at least 1 turnover per game and that was too much. Now under Leftwich he’s doubled that. You Just can’t Win football games turning the ball over like that. 2 cents worth!

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  3. Like it was said on the podcast… If the Bucs do not draft a QB (as a potential starter) to replace Winston when he goes off on one of his bi-polar rodeos, then they are simply a retarded franchise.

    Franchise tag Winston, and draft Jalen Hurts. If after 6 games next season, Winston does his Chernobyl reenactment, then put in Hurts.

    If they’re already losing… What can it Hurts?

    I apologize in advance for an opportunistic pun.

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  4. i have no doubt we resign Winston; but, do we trade a star player to fit in Winston, Barrett, and Godwin? How about a shocker move of trading Mike Evans. We might have to do a shocker move like that to fit those guys in.

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  5. I wouldn’t trade Evans. He’s still young and in prime.

    As far as offense changing to be successful not sure it has to change but we need to change this O line lineup. RT is absolute must. They need more depth too. I would like to see more balance with run and play action, but I understand we were behind in lot games before defense started playing better.

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