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It’s the first podcast of 2020 and all anyone can talk about is the quarterback situation for the Bucs. As the fate of Jameis Winston is still undecided, there is a slight, yes, slight, possibility that Tom Brady could become a Buc this year. We break down the hypothetical of that and how Brady would look in Bruce Arians’ offense with the receivers they would have around him. The locker room likes Jameis Winston, but to have a six-time Super Bowl champion like Brady would bring it to another level. Is it worth the gamble to have Brady as the quarterback for two season? Well, a contingency plan would be put in place for the future.

The other biggest news surrounding the Bucs’ and what they’ll do with Winston was an interview that Carson Palmer had on the Rich Eisen Show. Palmer played for Bruce Arians in Arizona, and explained why year two could be so different for Winston if he comes back, just because he’ll know so much more about this complex offense. Palmer said that Winston could have a massive season in year two with Arians, and we discuss what a “massive” year for Winston would look like after already throwing for over 5,000 yards.

The Bucs season is over but there’s still some playoff football left, so we give our picks for the divisional rounds in the NFL along with the College Football National Championship before we make some announcements about our draft coverage that’s coming up very soon. Stay tuned for an exciting and new Pewter Nation Podcast.

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2 years ago

If u had the chance to get Tom Brady… the GOAT… for 2 years to play QB for the Bucs, hell yeah u take it! What do u stand to lose? Jameis? Yep, that is a chance! Jameis could leave and flourish elsewhere. But do u not think that the Bucs could at least go 8-8 or better with Brady? Of course u do and with a lot less INTs. With our Defense… of course this means resigning Shaq, JPP and Suh… and the Offensive weapons the Bucs have in Godwin, Evans, OJ, Brate, Permian and RoJo! Remember there is… Read more »

2 years ago

If Brady wants to play can’t picture him not working something out with Pats. Will be fun to watch and see though.

Look forward to your breakdown of all Winston’s int’s Trevor! That’s lot of work. My gut says 20 or less were his fault. Will see. Saw lot good throws where it was WR route or tipped or whatever. Especially first half season.

2 years ago

Looking forward to your breakdown on Jameis’ interceptions. You do a very thorough job and I’m curious as to how many were actually on Jameis and his receivers. Get podcast as always gentlemen