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We thought everything was good to go but Shaq Barrett has now said that he’s “50-50” on signing his franchise tag, and that’ll he know more at the end of the week on Friday. So what has changed now? Is it possible that Barrett and the Bucs are close to reaching an extension before the July 15th date, or will he refuse until he gets an offer that he wants.

There’s a difference in franchise tag money between linebackers and defensive ends, and since Barrett is technically an outside linebacker, he would make less on a franchise tag as a linebacker than he would a defensive end. We discuss why pass rushers should just be called the edge position in order to clarify the differences between pass rushers and legitimate linebackers.

The Bucs are still practicing and Mike Evans has joined them despite the NFL’s advisements and some criticism by Pro Football Talk over it. Should the Bucs be practicing? Is it okay if they’re staying safe and taking proper protocols while on the field. We give our thoughts on why we think it’s alright for them to practice and much more in this new Pewter Nation Podcast.

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Repeating the false talking point that the increase in virus cases is due to increased testing is just irresponsible.

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No it’s not. For the majority of the country it’s 100% accurate. 5 or 6 bad states, don’t make an entire country. Just because that’s not an accurate description of Fla, Tex, Ari, CA, and a couple others, doesn’t mean it’s not the case for the other 35-40 states

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Last edited 15 days ago by Dave

Social Distancing is not the only issue. Are the players being tested? Will the facilities being sanitized and will the coaches and assistants all be wearing masks? Are they doing the contact tracing for the players who tested positive? The coaches?

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