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The news regarding the Bucs for once this week isn’t all COVID-19 related. Some of it is, but not all of it, and that starts with the Bucs’ NFL sack leader, Shaq Barrett. While Barrett has decided that he will sign the franchise tag, but he has filed a grievance in order to get paid as a defensive end rather than a traditional linebacker.

The salary cap situation can go askew over the next few seasons due to the pandemic impacting revenue for this NFL season, so Barrett’s situation has to be analyzed even further than it normally would have to be.

The other big name that has popped up for the Bucs was Donovan Smith, who recently posted on instagram that he is unsure whether or not he will decide to play this season due to concerns over the coronavirus and him having a kid on the way.

Was it the right idea to post his thoughts without giving a definitive answer yet? What will Tampa Bay do if he doesn’t play this season. Hear that plus our thoughts on the Bucs potentially letting in a limited number of fans to the stadium this season in this new Pewter Nation Podcast.

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1 year ago

The only reason Smith would come out and say that on social media before making a decision is because he doesn’t want to play. Never liked him and his talent doesn’t match his play. Several coaches have said he should be top 5 LT Now but he’s just not dedicated or something. He’s testing the waters to see what kind response he gets or he is trying to get others to follow suit. Hope it’s not the latter but nothing would surprise me. For Lot people this has become a political game and try to hurt the economy as much… Read more »

1 year ago

Out of everyone on the roster I expected Smith to do something like this. Not only because of this COVID but the pressure of blocking for Brady might expose him to being an average LT.

1 year ago

Whatever Smith does is fine with me, could frankly care less. He’s an average player earning a great paycheck. He could retire today and I’d be fine. Let him.

1 year ago

Smith isn’t going to bring down this year. Covid 19 will. NFL knows that they are going to have to either postpone and shorten the season, or cancel the season. They are just trying to figure out how to do it without going bankrupt.