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We got a familiar face on this episode of the Pewter Nation Podcast as our old pal Trevor Sikkema returns to the show! Trevor is here to break down the Bucs against Chargers and also just talk about how different the Bucs have gotten since he left Tampa.

It’s pretty crazy how the view of the Bucs’ defense has gone. We went from saying constantly that the secondary is going to get beat and the defense could cost them the game, to now it’s a disappointment if they don’t absolutely dominate. That could be the case again for the pass rush facing a rookie quarterback with Justin Herbert. Trevor makes a great point as well that Los Angeles hasn’t score more than 20 points yet this season, so that shouldn’t happen either this week.

The Bucs’ offense is going to be missing some of their top players once again. Chris Godwin is out for this game and Scotty Miller hasn’t practiced either. Does this mean it’s another heavy dose of the tight ends again this week? While the Chargers are injured, too, they have a much better linebacking core than Denver did a week ago. It might not just be time yet for the Bucs’ offense to break out, but it’s coming in a couple weeks. Hear more with us and Trevor in our new episode of the Pewter Nation Podcast.

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1 year ago

I think we are going to have our hands full with these Chargers.

Reply to  76bucsfan46
1 year ago

If they were healthy, I would agree with you. The Chargers are too injured in too many key areas to compete on their trip to Florida.

1 year ago

Hell yes use out Tight Ends. Go Bucs

1 year ago

I agree with Trevor, the Charger have significant injuries, and he failed to mention that the O-line is also dealing with their own issues. If their third string guard is starting again.. they will be one dimensional, dependent upon a rookie QB running for his life.

Bucs easily cover the spread in a low scoring game

1 year ago

Oh man, I can’t even begin to express how much I miss hearing from Sikkema on a regular basis. So great to have him back for a podcast.

1 year ago

Brady is as good as Wilson? Hahahahahaha

You guys and you’re ridiculous PFF nonsense. Brady isn’t on the same frickin planet as Russell Wilson this year, I don’t care how PFF massages the “adjusted” deep ball numbers.

Seattle has played 3 healthy teams that are in the top 5 on offense. The Bucs offense is ranked BELOW the Panther, Broncos, and Saints. The Bucs are 25th in total yards and passing, and 27th in rushing. Bucs offense has 6 turnovers, which is 22nd worst.

Last edited 1 year ago by BigSombrero
Reply to  BigSombrero
1 year ago


From the “No fucking shit Mr. Obvious!!” department, Brady is not listed in the top 10, much less ahead of Wilson, Rodgers, etc.

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg