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In this week’s edition of the Bucs Pewter Nation Podcast, Scott Reynolds and Trevor Sikkema actually have a game to recap. The two discuss how offensive coordinator Todd Monken did calling play, how the defense looked over all, and whether or not the Bucs are cursed with a kicker.



  1. Great podcast. Not sure I agree with the take on Ronald Jones though. He was running behind 2nd and 3rd string OL…he was getting hit behind the line regularly. I agree he was slightly timid…but he never had the holes to run through that Barber had behind the starting line. I’d love to see us mix RJ3 mixed in with Barber on that 1st team, similar to how the Saints use Ingram and Kamara. Not to mention preseason is the perfect time to work on his hands since he was never really used that way in college.

  2. I also don’t understand why they didn’t give RoJo few carries with first team. I assume he is going to be getting carries in regular season not just Barber so WTH? Especially considering the 2nd and 3rd O line is garbage. How do you evaluate him if no holes? Seems dumb to me.

    • Coach Koetter mentioned in his after game media call that Ronald Jones did pass protect well. It’s almost as if Koetter had to find a silver lining in Ronald’s low yardage. I think he could have noted the oline wasn’t exactly ideal.

      – The injury to David Rivers is hurting after the Ryan Smith performance. But, the two Cb’s they just picked up look interesting themselves. Too bad, they’re way behind on the playbook. But, could prove interesting if they keep one.

      – It sucks we have to keep three Qbs because of the Winston thing; we have to let somebody go – some linebacker, some Dl, Ol, maybe a wr or a hb we’d like to keep. We should tape Winston to the field goal for this!

      • Once again, I’m forgetting where I heard this, but one guy remarked that despite the good performances of Bailey and Lampman, Justin Watson was open, and all over the field. They were thowing to Bailey and Lampman just to give them some tape – Justin Watson is making this team.