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We got a great guest on the show as Pro Football Focus’ Timo Riske joined us live from Germany to discuss this Bucs-Packers match-up with PR’s Jon Ledyard.

Among the topics brought up on today’s show is if Tom Brady has to outduel Aaron Rodgers in order for the Bucs to win, what exactly is holding the Bucs’ offense back from being in the top of the league, and how should Tampa Bay go about rearranging their secondary.

Hear it all in a new episode of the Pewter Report Podcast.

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11 months ago

It’s week six. Nothing done this weekend will definitely say who the Bucs are. It can say who they aren’t but it doesn’t dictate what they can become. This would be a huge win, no denying it, but there is a ton of football left win or lose. This is the sort of game I am programmed to expect Brady to win but he’s 43 on brand new team. We’ll just have to see.

11 months ago

To paraphrase BB, good players can’t escape bad coaching.

This teams identity goes back to last year (and beyond) with squandered leads, meme generating bumbles, and unmet expectations followed by blustery finger pointing by coaches, media, and fans.

It’s a Bucs life, as they say.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg