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One of the big storylines for Scotty Reynolds and Jon Ledyard in this episode heading into the Bucs-Raiders Sunday night game is the reunion against former Bucs’ Super Bowl winning coach Jon Gruden, who is facing his old team for the first time since returning to coaching.

But after news that starting right tackle Trent Brown was placed on the COVID list, the attention turned to whether there will even be a game. Coach Gruden sent the entire offensive line home, and now it’s unsure who will be available to play.

If the game does go down, there is plenty to look forward too on the field, including how Carlton Davis and the Bucs’ secondary will match-up with speedster Henry Ruggs III, and if there’s any way the Raiders defense can stop the Bucs offense. Hear that and much more in the new Pewter Report Podcast.

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7 months ago

@scott, so sorry to hear about your Mom. Sounds like she was such a special lady and I’m sure she was so very proud of you. Victor Frankie was a Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor and wrote a book called “Mans Search for Meaning” where he focused on finding meaning in suffering. On the Fire Department I would try to share this with people who lost loved ones and people in my life as well. The whole point is that if you can find “Meaning” in a situation that causes “Suffering” then it is no longer “Suffering.” So with your Mom,… Read more »

7 months ago

@scott my sincere condolences for you and your family. I would like to pass on a lesson told to me by the US army when dealing with grief and tragedy. Talk about it. The stated that the PDST associated with post WW2 veterans was the fact that they were “rushed home” without the opportunity to talk to others (relative to those who had month long journeys in ships, who were obviously not trained counsellers). Look out for those not speaking, and encourage them to do so, when they are ready. And as the head of your household, look after yourself.… Read more »

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