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Scott returns to the show to join Jon as they break down the Bucs’ second match-up of the season against the Carolina Panthers. While the Bucs are coming off an embarrassing loss, the Panthers cut it real close with the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

How much of a threat does Carolina’s offense pose for the Bucs? Can Tampa Bay get back on track on both sides of the ball? Hear it all on the Pewter Report Podcast.

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Pete Wood
Pete Wood(@littlebrownjug)
1 year ago

We can’t adopt a playing not to lose philosophy for the rest of the season. We’re 6-3 and in the driver’s seat with the best Bucs team in twenty years. Some fans seem to think we are going to lose the majority of the remainder and that we need to somehow hold onto a winning record and squeak into the playoffs. Balderdash, I say. Bucs have no reason to be afraid of any opponents for the rest of the year. Are we going to win all those games? Probably not. But, we’ll dominate teams like the Lions, Panthers, and Falcons.… Read more »

1 year ago

LMAO here. Not at you Matt but the fact some fans have brought into the hype this team is really good and superbowl bound. We can ill afford to slight any NFL team. Not revealing my age but..I have been a fan since the Leroy Selmon days. attending the very 1st Bucs game in the 70’s. So I don’t get my petties all in a bunch over the hype. This team barely beat the Giants. And we were terribly exposed against a really good team last week. Bucs have to play every game like its their last to get a… Read more »

The Wall
The Wall(@the-wall)
Reply to  twspin
1 year ago

I agree- we were exposed against the Giants and the Saints. We obviously have the talent. There was no lack of effort either. What was exposed was our coaching/game planning. It was awful! I don’t think Leftwich has the ability to change. Hopefully, our talent can overcome his uncreative coaching.I have more faith in Bowles adapting.

Buc stops here
Buc stops here(@buc-stops-here)
1 year ago

I think it is simple. The Panthers are going to adopt their game plan to the one the Giants and the Saints used. They blocked as best as they could the run game and rushed the passer (Brady) as much as possible. They also threw a lot of short passes to break down the zone and the blitz from the Bucs. For the Giants it would have worked except their QB was inconsistent. For the Saints it worked really well and Brees threw quick passes to kill us. Expect the same effort from the Panthers. Quick passes from Teddy Bridgewater… Read more »

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg