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The Bucs face a tough match-up on Monday night football as they go up against a unique offense and a stout defense in the Rams. Scott and Jon go in depth on why this team could cause issues for the Bucs on both sides of the ball. Hear who they have winning on a new episode of the Pewter Report Podcast, energized by CELSIUS.

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Pete Wood
5 months ago

Coaching, schmoaching! Rams have beaten one good team, the Seahawks. Their schedule has been cake. Why are we afraid of these guys?

5 months ago

Just need a competent gameplan on both sides of the ball. Use ur talent effectively and put them in the best positions to use their talents! Protect the GOAT!

5 months ago

Rams have beaten: Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Washington, fraudulent Bears, and a struggling Seahawks.

They lost to the Bills, a beat up 9ers squad, and an underrated Dolphins team.

Bucs just need a complete gameplan and to keep Brady protected from Brockers and Donald and to not force the ball into Jalen Ramsey’s zone.

5 months ago

Our coaches have been like Jekyll and Hyde….could we be outcoached? Absolutely (see Sean Payton, et al). Could we put together a competent game plan? Absolutely (see Packers). Will we continue to play zone defense and get burned over the middle? Will we run the ball 5 or 20 times? Will we target Johnson/Fournette/Miller or Evans/Gronk/AB? Will D Smith be left along to defend Floyd or will we use an extra TE/Haeg? Will Donald get double teamed? Lots of questions going in to the coaching choices here…we’ll see.

5 months ago

I am just a fan who lacks the deep football knowledge of Scott and Jon. I do love your analysis, guys. Our offensive team reminds me of when they take our NBA all stars and form a team for Olympic competition. On paper they look like sure fire winners. So far they have not come together consistently. They have not shown the kind of chemistry that makes for a championship group. They have shown flashes all season and especially so in the game against Green Bay. Last week against the Panthers they looked liked the team we had been expecting… Read more »