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    The injury bug strikes again…at least there’s only 1 game left this season. Heal up boys and we’ll come back strong next year!

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    Smart move given the situation. Brate’s back was hurting before the killer hit that knocked him out of the Saints game. Gives him a long time to recover and come back strong in 2017. Let’s just hope it isn’t Sweezy bad.

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    Why not bring up Westbrook from the PS to play TE; that’s why he’s there. Not sure why Allen is back unless either Hawley or Evan Smith isn’t coming back after the season is over. Any thoughts about this?

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    I would’ve liked to see Westbrook get a few reps as well. My thinking is, Koetter really wants this win, meaning no time for experimenting. I also saw E Smith take a knee Sunday. He and Hawley have been banged up all year, so J Allen makes some sense. Bucs should take this game serious. The difference from 8-8 finishing with a three game losing streak, and 9-7 winning home finally is huge..

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    As much as Jameis likes to throw to his TE, I think they now have to spend at least one of their first 3 picks on a TE. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Brate but we are thin at TE

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    I agree 9-7 feels like improvement and I think Koetter really wants this game. The entire offseason ahead will feel like moving forward. After the 5th or 6th pick in round 1 of the draft all prediction are out the window so 8-8 won’t be a big advantage like many seem to believe. We will all remember the final game of 2016 so let’s rally from 2 loses and go out on a win.

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    Ron Gibson

    What is the nature of this injury ? Ive got back problems myself and if its spinal it could be career ending.

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    What I don’t understand is the status of Dotson and Cherilus. I see no reason to keep Cherilus because of his groin strain; might as well put him on IR now. With the RT back up in question, I expect them to bring Allen up from PS because he can also play Center/Guard. If Dotson isn’t ready to go, then Marpet could play in a pinch for Pamphile at RT if he gets injured. I agree 9-7 feels a lot better than 8-8. We all know we’re going to pound the ball; the question is will we throw more short passes than in the past? On Defense we have to put a serious rush on Newton to get him frustrated; we all know he pouts when he’s lousing. Carolina is primed to pack it in if we are ahead by 14 in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Go Bucs!

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