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    McKay's Ghost

    At his age it’s probably over. Sucks.

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    He’s definitely going to have to reschedule his contract if he wants to be in the team next year. Two years in a row with injuries doesn’t bode well for guy making $9- $10 million a year.

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      The solution for his salary number is easy. It’s all about 3, so pay him $3,333,333.33 for a 1 year contract.

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      Buc-up – VJ’s contract expires this season, so there is nothing to structure, and if he is to continue playing for the Bucs a new contract will be necessary. He almost certainly won’t merit anywhere near his current annual pay in a new contract, whether it’s with the Bucs or some other team. VJ said he intends to remain a resident of the Tampa Bay area, so if he gets healthy and still wants to play, it’s fair to assume his agent will attempt to get him a new contract at a much lower number with the Bucs … or shop around to some other team.

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    Overall V. Jackson was one of the better FA signings by the Bucs. However, I think this was going to be his last year with the Bucs anyway and I’m not surprised he got hurt this season. I think he has earned the right to sign with another team next year before he retires, like Brandon Marshall or Steve Smith.

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      Agreed Pink, The man produced with some very shitty QB play throughout his tenure as a Buc.

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    VJ is a good guy and a good team player. Thank you VJ for being a Buc. I hope you and your family consider Tampa Bay home. I know as a Veteran I think you for all your support.

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    VJ is a classy guy. Wish the NFL had more like him.

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    That’s too bad for him. I hope he sticks around for next year. He can still play.

    The team is running out of options on offense! Remember how bad it was for the passing game when he was out last year? Evans, VJax and Murphy could have been good enough. Without VJax, Doug, and ASJ, we’re going to struggle.

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    He’s class act and been great player for us. Wasn’t having good year at all though. Wonder if tear was there from game 1 and just got worse?

    We need Martin back bad, but not sure losing Jackson will make a huge difference this year. Shorts and Murphy need to step up. Murphy should be back soon too I guess.

    My guess is Jackson will retire.

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    I guess Roddy white watch is back on

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    This is bad for Winston, Evans and the Bucs Period! Dye and Murphy are not names that are going to draw attention from opposing secondaries, so Evans will be spied now or doubled. It amazes me how “the hits just keep on coming” with this franchise. At this point, I don’t even care if we sign Roddy White, as long as we sign someone who can come in immediately and help this team……But we won’t go get anyone at Macy’s, we’ll continue to shop at K-Mart, because that’s what we do. For the most part, VJ was declining this year but he was still someone other defensive secondaries had to account for. Jason Licht is a boob though and we will have absolutely no plan whatsoever.

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      Actually, our play from receivers and tight ends has been pretty decent this season, even with Vincent Jackson playing below his normal performance. So I don’t see this having any immediate negative impacts on the play of Jameis Winston or the offense.

      Mike Evans is on track for his most productive season yet (current pace a season long rate of 1,427 yards, 102 receptions, and 13 TDs, and his drops are way down at a seasonal rate of 6.4 vs. 11 last season). Adam Humphries and Cameron Brate are on pace for 691 yards and 630 yards, well above VJ this season. Louis Murphy has had a couple of productive seasons at 500+ and 600+ yards.

      It’s true that we need more help with both WRs and TE’s in next year’s draft and free agency. I expect both will be a priority in 2017.

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    I’ve been on record saying VJ should have been traded bc I saw the end last season. That said he was a very productive FA signing for us and his better football was wasted on bad teams. I wish him luck going forward with either retirement or playing elsewhere. That said, the road for Jameis continues to get more difficult, no ASJ, now no VJ which was more name than actual production but still. If the Jets continue to lose I think it would be worth while for us to call about Brandon Marshall. Hump is a solid slot guy, Mike will be triple covered and Brate cant get open consistently without creative play design. We did nothing to address the playmakers this offseason and its showing. Lets see what our glorious GM will do now!

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    This really sucks. VJax has been one of the best FA signings in team history. He’s been excellent in the Tampa community and I hope he continues that work if he stays in the area. Unfortunately his production on the field fell off a cliff this season. Even with that, he still drew attention away from Mike. I was in favor of paying him his $9 million salary because I felt he had earned it & would still produce. But now it’s just a waste of money. Not addressing our WR depth this offseason is coming back to bite us in the ass. Dirk is going to have to earn his money and scheme around our deficiencies at WR. And yes, Jameis will have to deliver with what he has to work with on the field. Just like last year.

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    Sorry About VJAX, He had a great career and will be missed not only as a player, but as a leader in the locker room and the community. I sincerely hope he has continued success. Thank you VJAX.

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    When are we the FANS going to find out about the health of Martin, McCoy, McDonald, Ayers, Spence, Sweezy, et. al? The Bye week is over and we were suppose to get well, but it appears the bulk of these players aren’t even practicing. I know we are playing the 49’ers who are not the best team in the NFL so is the plan to rest the above mentioned for another week and put our best on the field at home against the Raider’s? Inquiring minds need to Know.

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    Vincent Jackson going down is a sad and bad thing. He’s a class act and a man who represents his team and the Tampa area in such a positive way. He will be missed on the field and in the locker room. I was glad he came back this season but am afraid it’s the end of a damn good career for Vincent.

    Always a Buccaneer, thank you VJax!

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    Although I didn’t think so at the time, it probably would have been better to cut bait with Jackson at the beginning of the year.
    He doesn’t intimidate CB’s anymore who are usually playing tight coverage on him and have him locked down.
    Still he has been open on occasion but Winston seems to be locked on Mike Evans even if he is being double covered. This is an old habit of his that Gruden hit him about when he did his QB review on him before the draft.
    Jackson has been pretty ineffective this year as good as a player he was in the past, his heart and effort hasn’t seemed to be in it this year so I don’t think it will affect the teams performance that much.
    The same could be said for the loss of ASJ, who only played half of the games he was eligible to play. Who knows how often he was drunk and/or hungover in the other games which also hampered his performance. How do you miss something that was hardly ever there.

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      What you miss are the catches he’s capable of making like the one he made week 1 in Atlanta that helped win the game. Or the attention that he draws while playing which helps eliminate some of the coverage Mike Evans receives. Drunk or hungover he was better than any TE we have on the roster.

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