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    Unless the units are thriving on mutual praise (compliments).
    Gerald, I love your tie. Aw thanks, dog. Your cologne is the bomb.

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      Agreed, Bigbuc. I know it’s a football site and not the NY Times, but Pewter Report has long needed a proofreader. Spellcheck isn’t the answer.

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    Maybe next Season the Coach turns the play calling over to his Offensive Coordinator?

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    Why would he do that Horse? Play calling is an issue? He’s doing great job with what he has to work with. A real second WR, TE and maybe little better O-Line might help. Gruden called plays and worked out ok. Yea Koetter has had some first year issues with clock but to be expected I think. Long as he has Smith on defense I’d keep whatever is working.

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    Interesting. Horse, I think I will repeat myself a bit. I think that Koetter is still learning how to be an NFL coach. He may well decide next year to turn over play calling duties completely to his Offensive Coordinator, Todd Monken. Then, again he might not. I don’t have an opinion on that yet.
    I am going to copy a related comment I made a little while ago at the other article posted today about “Complimentary Football”.
    I did like what Coach Koetterr had to say about the offense and his own play calling in his recent couple of press conferences.

    Since I watched the game on TV I can only see what the cameras allow. I thought the play calling in the first quarter was excellent. At some point in the first half I had an interesting thought which I would like to share to see how other’s react.

    It went something like this, “I wonder if the Buccaneer’s play calling is confusing the Saint’s defense? They seem to be having a lot of penalties.”

    How about it Naplesfan? … anybody?
    Go Bucs!!!

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      First, I think Coach Koetter is a good offensive coordinator and he is trying to be a good Head Coach. Second, he has made some errors on time management, but I think many of us have given him a pass because this is his rookie season. I think he might seriously decide on his own to make his life a little easier. Trying to do both jobs has to be tough? Third, I love his honesty and being able to say he needs to improve. For me that shows strong character. I support him because it is what this team needed.

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    Hey “X”! Could be. Believe Coach will figure it out. I think there’s a rhythm to the game that most certainly affect most coaches calls. Although I do remember a couple coaches scripted the first 2 series or so before game started. not sure I like that. Who has the hot hand? When Mike starts catching balls, he seems to get better. Muscle Hamster as well! ( He should embrace that moniker… I can see Muscle Hamster Stuffies sold all over town!) I just don’t want us to be predictable. Like always run on first down. They seemed to mix that up a bit this last game. Against Dallas, we need to establish our run game to set up play action pass. Cant let them “BOYS” get off the ball every snap. I like to see Winston continue to use fakes as deception and how bout throwing in some quick slants as well. need to run the no huddle a lot this week! Tire them BOYS out and also, Winston seems to find a rhythm and enjoys this format! If our “D” can stop the run, I think McCoy and Spence, Alexander and Lavonte may have a big game! Go Bucs! Bucs 28-24! I’m just saying…

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      I think just the opposite. They have a good front seven; they’re weak in the sceondary.

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    Oh yea, I still think we may get some explosive plays from the speed that WR Josh Huff has! Maybe first game jitters! He is fast!
    If he gets behind the DBs its a sling it up from Jamesis and let the kid run under it! I hope anyways! Go Bucs! Merry Christmas to All!

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    I am happy with a win when our offense is just ok. I put more into not turning the ball over which is what Bucs are doing. Win the turnover battle and the offense will give us enough to be the victors. 500 yard offensive days usually means your playing from behind and scrambling to try and score to get back in the game. I like where the team is and if we win 3 -0 so be it!! Please beat Dallas and shut Jones up!!!!!

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    I have not played football but I have played professional golf. So I look at the struggles like a golf tournament, on Thursday and Friday it is much easier to go low because you do not feel the pressure as much until you get to Sunday. You play lose and take risks that you would not take in the final round. Now it’s Sunday your in contention and you are playing not to make mistakes due to the pressure you are feeling. You start to struggle under the pressure.

    I think the Bucs offense is starting to feel the pressure more now and in my opinion it’s starting to show. 5 game win streak, tied for division, playoffs ect… The offense needs to go back to how they felt prior to and during the Chiefs game and use that experience and feeling, if they do they are going to be unstoppable. The offense played lose and fast that day with nothing to lose.

    The Pressure of winning has a profound effect on the mind and body. It will make you struggle until you learn how to play with it. After all what makes water go up hill? Pressure!

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