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    I have said this before and will say it again, Derek Anderson is a better QB than Cam Newton.
    He may not have a stronger arm but it is more accurate and he can make all the throws, especially from the pocket. Something Newton can’t do.
    He’s also more adept at reading defenses, Given enough time, he will carve up a defense.
    Even against Atlanta last week he brought the Panthers back to within one score twice.
    Carolina is in the same place as the Bucs which is why their record mirrors ours.
    They have been without their top RB since the second game, a OT and the defense is beginning to thin out due to injuries and the loss of Josh Norman who was familiar with what the defensive scheme was trying to do.
    Their defensive line also hasn’t put enough pressure on the QB.
    Both these teams have very similar problems.

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    Cam is an elite athlete not elite quarterback IMO. Big difference. For him to shine he needs the whole team around him playing at very high level. Defense,run game, etc. like last year. Now that the team is struggling he’s lot easier to defend. He’s not going to carry a team or step back and throw 50 times without run game and beat you like an elite qb could like say Brady. He’s not accurate at times and He can be confused still by defenses at times.

    That being said I’d rather play Anderson. Just have to make sure don’t let them get run game going and get some pressure on him. Any qb even a back up can kill you if given time. This is the NFL and they all have loads of talent.

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    I concur fredster. He sure didn’t look like Superman when he got his bell rung against Atlanta. Looked more like Ali after Frazier tagged him with that left hook in the 60’s title bout.

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