The Bucs fell behind early again on Sunday, going three-and-out on their first drive of the day before allowing Derek Carr and the Las Vegas offense to drive down the field and take a quick 7-0 lead. But Tampa Bay bounced back strong and pulled away late, moving to 5-2 on the season with the huge 45-20 victory over Jon Gruden and the Raiders.

After gaining just three yards on their first drive, the Bucs would find the end zone on three of their next four drives behind two passing touchdowns and a one-yard rushing touchdown from quarterback Tom Brady to take a 21-10 lead into the locker room at half time. In the second half the Raiders would battle back with a 10-0 run and bring the score within four points but Brady and the Bucs, not to be outdone, would then rattle off 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to comfortably seal the victory. Brady finished the game with 369 passing yards, no interceptions and four touchdown passes to four different receivers as Tampa Bay wrapped up their second consecutive week without a turnover lost or a sack allowed.

With the win over the Raiders, Tampa Bay once again holds the lead in the NFC South at 5-2 while the Saints moved to 4-2 with a 20-17 win over the Panthers earlier in the day.

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Randy H.
6 months ago

Great game. This is a completely different team with Brady then with Winston. I just hope that Arians doesn’t say that “We are 5 dash 2” in his press conference. The old timers will remember what happened last time that was said!!

Reply to  Randy H.
6 months ago

It turned into 7 dash 9. But Sammie brought us Lynch, Brooks, Sapp and Nickerson.

Pete Wood
6 months ago

Two thoughts

  1. Winston loses that game.
  2. Bucs may not lose another game this year. Seriously.
6 months ago

That washed up 43 year old. How did New England do today?

Reply to  surferdudes
6 months ago

Brady with 18 TDs and 4 Interceptions this year.
New England Offense with 3 pass TDs and 11 Interceptions this year.

That is how good they are doing respectively.

6 months ago

Brady out there throwing like he’s in his 20’s. Don’t you think Sombrero? He’s proving that he’s more. than just a system QB. By the way, how are those patriots doing? This team just looks unstoppable and with AB coming I just don’t see how anyone can as long as this defense continues to evolve. Wow.

Last edited 6 months ago by chefboho
Reply to  chefboho
6 months ago

Brady was the GOAT today. He hasn’t looked this good in years and he’s doing it without targeting All Pro Mike Evans. I tip my hat to his MVP performance.

Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

I don’t want to ruin this moment, because it’s nice to see you finally admit the obvious about Brady. However, it’s hard not to mention that, outside the first 2 games(in which Brady was expected to start slow, due to having no actual games to get on the same page with his pass catchers), here’s Brady’s stats the last 5 games. 4-1, 66%, 1455 yds 16 TD’s vs 2 TO’s, 7.4 YPA, a 110 QB Rating, and 5 sacks. All MVP stats. If Brady had a normal offseason, with OTA’s, training camp, and preseason games, he probably wouldn’t have even… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Dave
Reply to  Dave
6 months ago

What a hell of a marketing move! I guess they do win games… lol

Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

It takes a big man to come out and say he was wrong so I applaud you for it. I knew Brady still had a little left in the tank, but even I had no idea he’d be this good.