Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady discussed his team winning Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs and his infamous toss of the Lombardi Trophy during the team’s boat parade on a recent appearance on The Late Show With James Corden. Brady said that now that the season is over his wife, Gisele Bündchen, has made sure he is reacquainted with where the dishwasher is, where the broom is and where the vacuum is in their home after playing football for half a year.

Brady told Corden about what his wife said to him after winning his seventh Super Bowl and his fifth Super Bowl MVP.

“All of a sudden I saw my wife and I gave her a big hug, and just as I did it, she says, ‘What more do you have to prove?’” Brady said. “I just gave her a big hug and I was trying to find a way to change the subject really quick. I think I moved on to something else pretty quickly.”

Brady also talked about the different level of expectations in Tampa Bay in 2020 during his first season with the Buccaneers and how that was remarkably different than his 20 years in New England.

Bucs QB Tom Brady and TE Cameron Brate

Bucs QB Tom Brady and TE Cameron Brate – Photo by: USA Today

“Going into this year was a lot different for me,” Brady said. “It was very different because where I was for 20 years was obviously great for me. It was spectacular, and I wouldn’t have changed anything. When we were at that point with the Patriots, everyone at the start of the season would be like, ‘Who are you guys playing in the championship game?’ It always got to be like the expectations where always … not unrealistic, it was just that people jumped ahead of all of the intense competition, which in the end for us, you know, it’s a lot harder than that. It’s a lot harder than that. Going into this year was different for me because you go to a different place and that wasn’t the question that was being asked. The question is, ‘Can you guys be successful? How are you going to be successful? How are you going to learn your teammates and how are they going to learn you?’ And then the next thing you know, we are thrust into the season.

“The season starts and we go basically play one of the best teams in the league as our first game of the year, which is a kind of a measuring stick, and we got off to a slow start. We basically started off not great, improved a little bit to the middle of the year, and then had a pretty rough patch in the month of November. And we got a bye week where we didn’t have a game and we could kind of re-calibrate where we were at. Man, the last four weeks of the season and the postseason we found our rhythm. We found our rhythm and we just had the pedal to the metal, and everyone worked really hard. It was great teamwork. It was so much fun to see a team come together the way that it did, and the belief as we kept going – it grew and grew and grew. I think by the time we got to the Super Bowl, all of us felt like we were still getting better, we were still improving. Man, if the game was a month from now, we would still be getting better. I think that was a great feeling to have going into that game, and why we had so much confidence. We weren’t going on fumes at that point. We weren’t trying to survive the season. We were really excited about where we were at and we wanted to prove to everyone that we deserved to be the champs.”

Corden then asked Brady about tossing the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to a nearby boat full of his tight ends and wide receivers while partying and drinking plenty of alcohol with his teammates that day. Sure-handed tight end Cameron Brate came through with the clutch catch of the Bucs’ Super Bowl hardware.

Bucs QB Tom Brady

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo by: USA Today

“I don’t remember that quite as well,” Brady laughed. “First of all, I was not thinking at that moment! There was not a thought! It was, ‘This seems like really fun to do!’ Not to mention, when you get your hands on one of those trophies there are a lot of really sharp edges on the bottom where the stand is. Obviously, the ball is what it is.

“I found out later, had that been an incomplete pass, that would have went down like 80 feet. So I’m so happy for Cam.”

Corden asked Brady if the viral video of him getting off the boat to join his teammates at the podium after the parade was sea legs or tequila, to which the Bucs quarterback replied, “I think a little of both. It was definitely a moment of celebration, and I’m happy I’m on land at that point, absolutely. I’m so happy I’m surrounded by my fellow quarterback Griff (Ryan Griffin) in the right place at the right time. Who can have a friend better than that?”

For more commentary from Brady, watch his interview on The Late Show With James Corden below.

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10 months ago

It still just makes my entire day thinking about them winning. It is the greatest feeling as a fan. Tossing the trophy will apparently go down in history but people just need to get over it. The greatest to throw tossed it to a boat full of some of the best hands ever. It turned out just fine and nobody lost any sleep (you know that nobody granddaughter only lost sleep over her haircut). I am so excited to see how FA kicks off and how the Draft goes and start planning for next year!

10 months ago

The boat parade has to be the greatest Super Bowl celebration in history!

10 months ago

“You might be able to play for the Jets”…. lmao. Hoping they forget that swipe by the time we play them this year. lol