Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported on Thursday that quarterback Tom Brady will undergo a minor knee surgery, described by head coach Bruce Arians as a “clean up.”

Although it is currently unknown when Brady sustained the injury, Stroud also reported that the surgery is the result of a football-related injury although Brady did not appear on the Bucs’ final injury report ahead of Tampa Bay’s 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Shortly after the initial report however, the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin reported that the surgery may be a little more serious than previously anticipated, but the extent remains unclear.

And as many pointed out, Brady was seen wearing a knee brace on his left leg at the Bucs’ celebratory boat parade on Wednesday. Pewter Report will continue to monitor and report on the situation as further details are revealed.

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5 months ago

played through the pain like a true warrior

5 months ago

What ? the excuses came out for poor Patty Mahomes that he had a boo boo on his toe and that’s why he couldn’t make some plays. Now we hear Brady had a messed up knee but regardless played really well. Could it be that Brady is tougher than steel or that Mahomes is softer than toilet paper? We shall see!

5 months ago

Whatever it is, even if it was serious and he didn’t talk about it and it apparently adds to his legend, he obviously played on it, possibly for a while if not the whole season, I’m sure he will be 100% by the start of the season if not sooner.

5 months ago

I doubt we will ever hear when it happened. But if I may speculate based upon what seems pretty evident, Tom threw those Ints in the Packer game after the half rather uncharacteristically. Yes he did throw some early in the season, when they got on the same page it changed as the season progressed. If that is the case, only one word comes to mind…warrior.

5 months ago

Aw man, that Lombardi is heavier than it looks I guess. He tweaked his knee on that pass to the other boat haha I kid, but hopefully it isn’t anything to worry about

Reply to  plopes808
5 months ago

That’s exactly when the injury occurred! Ok, so maybe not but it would be similar to the home run hitter jogging the bases and hurts his knee jumping on home plate. Hopefully, it really just is a clean out!

5 months ago

I’m pretty sure Tom wore a big brace on his knee every game this year.