Add quarterback Tom Brady to the long list of Bucs players that are banged up early in the season. Brady injured his right thumb in the second quarter of Tampa Bay’s 45-17 over the Dolphins when his hand hit the helmet of Christian Wilkins on the follow through after a throw.

Despite being hurt, Brady went on to throw for 411 yards and five touchdowns in the win. In fact, as The Athletic’s Greg Auman pointed out, Brady had no statistical drop off at all after getting hurt.

Brady had tape on his thumb after the game and was also wearing a glove on his throwing hand during Monday’s practice.

It could be a cause for concern on any week, but it’s especially heightened as the Bucs play again on Thursday in Philadelphia. Brady spoke on Tuesday and assured that his thumb injury is no big deal.

“It’s a little bit sore,” Brady said. “But I expect it to be. I think I should be fine for Thursday.”

Brady didn’t really think much about it as he was shredding the Dolphins on Sunday and there weren’t too many adjustments that had to be made.

“I was aware of it,” Brady said.  “Look, a quarterback’s right hand is the most important thing in the game. It’s not like it’s your left hand, if it was my left hand I wouldn’t think two seconds about it. The fact that it’s your throwing hand, there’s not many things that are that important to a quarterback than probably your right shoulder, your right elbow and your right hand. Anytime you get banged on one of those, it could be an issue. Like I said, there’s nothing, there’s no serious injury at all. It’s more discomfort, but I think that should be gone here in the next day or two.”

Brady knows how to push through injuries and keep going. Last season he played through a sprained in MCL where no one even noticed. Football is a contact sport, and this injury to his thumb isn’t going to stop him.

“I just expect to go out there and play every week,” Brady said. “It’s football, so there’s bumps and bruises and it’s a contact sport. We signed up for a contact sport, we get different bumps and bruises throughout the year and we deal with it the best we can. This bumps and bruises just happen to be on my hand.”

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10 days ago

That sums up the Brady mentality. Wrap it, ice it, e stem it up and get ready for the next game. It’s a contact sport. I say it’s a combat sport! Modern day gladiators physically trying to impose ur will on the man in front of u! Much like they did in Rome back in the day. Brady is a warrior. He expects to win each and every time he takes the field.

10 days ago

Everyone is hurt. It’s football. When adrenaline is flowing, stuff like that usually isn’t a problem. If you don’t count his knee injury in 2008, Brady has only miss 4 games in his 22 year career. He’s a competitor and will be just fine. The guy played with a fully torn MCL and threw 51 tds in last year’s entirety. He is going for Ring number 8. Nothing is getting in his way of that.

10 days ago

The media are making way too big a deal about Brady’s thumb. It’s just a little sore – not dislocated with torn ligaments like Russell Wilson suffered this past weekend.

Reply to  Naplesfan
10 days ago

Lol Of course they are but still doesn’t change the fact he is the man. I’m so glad the bucs got Brady. What a relief to not have to worry about qb play anymore

Reply to  Naplesfan
10 days ago

Thats good news. Didn’t see anywhere that he had taken a MRI for soft tissue damage however.

10 days ago

Rub some dirt on it.

Reply to  surferdudes
9 days ago

Always worked for us baby boomers. The run it under the hose for a while.