The Buccaneers have been hit as hard as any NFL team with injuries this preseason.

On Friday night they may have lost another player for a while after on the Bucs’ first drive of the second half Blaine Gabbert escaped the pocket, ran for a first down and remained on the ground after diving for the first down.

It was reported shortly that Gabbert was dealing with a shoulder injury and would not return to the game, leaving Ryan Griffin to come in and take over at quarterback.

With Nick Fitzgerald dealing with a hamstring injury that has held him out of training camp and the preseason to this point and Vincent Testaverde being released in favor of Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, Griffin and Winston will be only healthy quarterbacks that remain on the Bucs’ roster, if Gabbert is forced to miss any significant time.

More details will be provided as they are made available.

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Alldaway 2.0
1 year ago

Next man up. RG4 to the rescue!

1 year ago

Have never been impressed by Gabbert. Awkward slide and injures himself. Ugh.

Ryan Griffin making his case.

Robert Ethan
Reply to  Dman
1 year ago

It wasn’t a slide, a Browns player grabbed his ankle, that’s what sent Gabbert airborne. Then he came down with full weight on his left arm and shoulder.

1 year ago

Griff is better anyways. I never understood B.A.’s infatuation with Gabbart anyways

Robert Ethan
Reply to  CaliBucsFan71
1 year ago

Gabbert played 8 snaps, took the team 54 yards to a first down inside the red zone. 4 of 5 passing. In Griffins first 8 snaps he netted 1 yard I think. 1 for 4 passing. Grif only pads stats late in games playing UDFA rookies 10 years younger than he is. Same thing the previous game. He started out as poorly as Winston and Gabbert over a similar number of snaps. Then piled on at the end when no one knew what they were doing on the opposing defence.

1 year ago

Gabbart should give way to Griff anyways. He has once again had an amazing Pre-Season. He deserves to be the back-up. Just put Gabbart #3. Problem solved.

Robert Ethan
Reply to  seat26
1 year ago

Bruce just said he wouldn’t have played Blaine in the final game, which gives an indication of how far you are off in your estimation. He would have protected Wilson and Gabbert and put Griffin out there for 60 minutes to get tape for his next job.

1 year ago

Griff has been the better QB this camp. Gabbart is going to be ok according to BA at his post game press conference. Bucs likely to bring back a QB(Testeverde?) for all of game 4.

1 year ago

I wanted Griff to be the QB2 this year anyhow. Sorry bout your luck Blaine

1 year ago

Paging Mr Kaepernick anybody?

1 year ago

I was going to suggest QB’s wear neon jerseys during pre season games to offer a certain level of protection, but that wouldn’t have saved Gabbert from himself. Losing a QB sucks though because what do they do next week? You need a leader to help these kids trying to make the team look good, but do you risk getting someone else hurt? I wouldn’t want to be making that call.

Robert Ethan
Reply to
1 year ago

Gabbert fell the way he did because a defender grabbed his ankle. Watch the tape before you spout a bad opinion.