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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Nice job Trevor! Out of the ball park. Rivera’s comments were a reflection on him. But you know what the irony was? He was REALLY pissed off because the crowd got even MORE animated than it already was and the players really took over the game after that cheap shot.

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    I agree with that too Trevor (of course I’m a Bucs fan). I’m not sure what the difference is between “cheap” and “dirty” in your analysis though…that sounds like a fine line to me. In terms of Rivera’s comment, the issue I have is his statement that “that’s a part of the game”…no it’s not, or it’s not supposed to be anyway (if LaVonte David jumped on Cam Newton’s head, could we say ‘that’s too bad, but it’s part of the game, so oh well’)…if the referee had seen the play it would have been a clear flag, a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. In other words, not part of the game as it’s supposed to be played. Sorry Ron, but that’s where you’re wrong.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      A dirty hit, to me, would be one with the intent to harm. Though the game of football is violent, what Davis did wasn’t motivated by a desire to harm Shepard. However, it was cheap. What I mean by cheap is that it was something over the top that didn’t really need to be done. I get that the game is cut-throat and that these guys are playing at full speed every second. But Davis didn’t have to do that. He’s allowed to, but it’s cheap when it really didn’t have anything to do with where the ball was or going.

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        fair enough – I see your distinction.

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    I’m thinking in about another week or two, when everything has calmed down, he’ll regret making these comments.

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    Why even bring it to this level? It happens probably more than we realize and that’s why the NFL is getting tougher on hits. Five years ago most fans would have said it’s part of the game. The player apologized and Revera expressed his opinion about it. This really is no news in my opinion.

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    I thought the replay was showed simply so fans could see why # 89 was laying in the turf.

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    Meh … nothing to see or talk about here

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