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    There is no question he is in a positive learning curve, but he is a year from being a NFL full time starting effective DE. He needs to add 10-15 pounds and continue to be creative in learning new skills to get to the QB. He was and is worth the daft spit where he was picked. Go Bucs!

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    Here in Bucville we are often impatient with rookies who don’t look like Pro Bowlers after a few games in the league. We are often quick to write off a player before he has barely begun his career. If a youngster has a few bad plays as he is learning his craft or has an injury we almost immediately throw out the “bust” label. I suspect our losing so many games the past 10 + years has made us a bit more restless.

    What has contributed to this is how young the players are entering the league. In the old days, a college player stayed in school for four and sometimes five years. Now, the really good ones, or those who think they’re good, come out as early as they can. We fail to acknowledge the that these guys need to learn and grow into the position. It’s no different than a young college grad entering the work force for the first time. They don’t know what they don’t know.

    Our favorite team is a bunch of millennials given prominent roles on a team that has been at the bottom of the league for over a decade. Guys like Winston, Evans, Brate, Marpet, Donovan Smith, Alexander, David, Gholston and others are being asked to lead the team because there are only a few elite veterans to guide them.

    If they are the right players they will become the backbone of the team. If not…………..I don’t want to think about it.

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    Damn right scubog, the fan’s are far too impatient for every draft choice we make to be a pro bowler in their first season. The trend is to pick juniors and we do have a some that are playing today that would be still eligible to on a college field. Those players still need that experience whether they got it in college or in the pro’s. As a result, some of these players best play is a few years down the road.

    Will Gholston is a great example. Picked up as a junior out of Michigan State, it’s only starting now for things to really click for Will. Will he be a annual 10 sack guy? Not likely, but he’ll be a very solid guy on the end or in the middle capable of making plays against the run and adding 6-7 sacks a year with an occasional good year with close to 10 sacks. Much like Robert Ayers.

    As a team, we are still two years away, two drafts away from being a consistent team IMO – assuming of course we stop the coaching carousel and give the current coach enough time to get those players to play to their best ability in a constant system.

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    Bucs have had an abysmal record drafting pass rushing ends. Spence is showing signs he may be the real deal with more time.

    Jacques smith has talent too but he just can’t seem to stay healthy.

    We have good run stopping line when healthy but we still need more speed in pass rushing from somewhere.

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    I’m surprised no one here is mentioning that Spence is playing well through injury. At the beginning of October he dislocated his shoulder and he has a torn labrum. He’s flashing some, but I think his game will really pick up next year with some experience and better health.


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