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    Buc 1976

    I believe V Hargreaves would be better in the slot because of his size and quickness. The receiver’s just in our division are very tall. I have to admit I didn’t care for N Spence I thought he was to small but he has had a good year even being hurt some players would have taken many weeks off like one TE we had! As far as Aguayo I still think we could have had him in the 3rd maybe even 4thround

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    I have been wrong about a lot of things over the years with the Bucs. Usually being overly optimistic is my problem. I got a couple of things right this year. I predicted early on that we would go somewhere between 7 and 9 wins probably 8. Hopefully it will be 9 and I said playoffs were really not realistic and I would say short a miracle that would be true now. I however was wrong about this rookie crop. I thought Hargreaves was a bit too slow to make an impact this year, I was definitely wrong about that although I am disappointed that he didn’t get more picks . I also thought that the same was true about the undersized Spence. Too slow and too small, basically a tweener. He has really come on this year and may end up being our best Defensive linemen . Aguayo, I agree with Buc 1976 we chose him too early and gave up too much. But he also seems to be looking a lot stronger as the year has gpne on. We have also done well with a few other rookies. All and all, if bucs can just learn to be patient in the draft and let it come to them instead of reaching for players and using multiple picks to get players that end up floundering, they have a lot to build on.
    We are weak in several areas yet, and the draft coming up is basically a defensive draft. They will need to pick carefully. I think getting Glennon signed might be paramount as there are few QB’s worth picking in this draft and you can bet that he will get picked up if we don’t lock him down. Receiver is pretty strong we should be able to get someone who can start.
    Running back is strong and Offensive tackle is decent but guard drops off in quality pretty quick after the first couple. But we could clean up on Defense. We could get good quality on the line,as DE is very strong and Tackle is pretty good too. As well as the secondary. Especially Cornerback. Safety is a little tricky and if Bucs want one they will need to get him early.

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      I forgot to mention TE. This draft is actually strong in TE. I like Brate a lot, and feel we don’t really need to draft TE, but with the talent there I would not be surprised if Bucs picked one late.

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    I’m sure Scott will do a more in depth analysis of the 2016 Draft class and the rest of our rostered players at season’s end. At his point it’s too soon to know much more than what we have seen. What I find interesting is that Danny “Superback” Vitale, the one Draft pick about whom many were excited, was cut and now plays for the Browns in a limited role.

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    Buc 1976

    I agree with seat26. As far as the draft goes I think Bucs could address DT,WR and TE. Get the O line in better shape and Running Back maybe ok. I really don’t understand why Bucs STILL TRY TO RUN SIMMS up the middle. GO BUCS!

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