After re-aggravating a previous injury late in the Bucs’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11, suffering what could now be a potentially career-ending cervical injury to his neck, center A.Q. Shipley will be placed on injured reserve.

“He had what we thought was a stinger,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “He had this injury back in 2013, I believe, and once we did the MRI and X-rays it was determined that he shouldn’t play anymore.

But more than just being placed on the injured reserve, Shipley will informally join Tampa Bay’s coaching staff as he begins a prospective coaching career, per Arians.

“He’ll be going on the IR and starting his coaching career…” Arians said about Shipley’s diagnosis. “He aspires to be a coach and I think that he’ll be a great one, so we’ll get him started to make sure that he likes this life.”

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8 months ago

I like it. I like it a lot.

8 months ago

Hopefully with a salary that doesnt count against the cap haha

8 months ago

That’s nice, and all, but do the Bucs really need another coach right now? I can see bringing him in next training camp, and letting compete with other hopeful future coaching candidates, but to hand him a coaching job?

8 months ago

Class move

8 months ago

Ship should start at the HS or college level. I mean, isn’t The Bucs already the largest coaching staff in the NFL? They got coaches bumpin into each other. I like the gesture but this takes favoritism to another level. Go ahead and give me my DOWN votes! I..kinda like’em.The truth hurts huh?

8 months ago

One good thing about BA is he takes care of his coaches. Sad to lose AQ as a player, but happy to add him to the coaching staff.