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    As Scott Reynolds predicted in his FAB4 – Bucs’ 53 Man Roster Prediction. Spot on Scott!


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    I wonder when Griffin comes back, together with other injuries that happen when the season starts, if Fritz is then cut. I like Fritz as another set of eyes for Jameis. But, with limited roster space, the value of that roster spot may be too important. Go Bucs!

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      It’s Fitzpatrick not “Fritz” Was that one of those Freudian Slips as in “Our new back-up QB is “On the Fritz” when it just might be “Gives us Fitz”?

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    Will they designate him as a IR – eligible to return status? That would open a spot up for at least 6 weeks.

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      If we did that, the earliest he could come back would be after eight weeks, not six. I haven’t heard anything to indicate that his shoulder injury is that serious, so hopefully that’s not the plan. After all, we only get two of those opportunities to pull guys off IR.

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    Only moderately surprised. He was spinning it pretty good before the injury. I think he might be the kind of guy that could step in for 3-4 games, win 2-3 and put up enough numbers that a team might risk a second on him. Hopefully, that never happens and the baseball cap never comes off.

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    If Winston is injured, we’ll probably lose every game until he returns. So in reality our backup is a guy who has played for many teams from many years as a journeyman. The other backup is injured and whenever he is available they will be his first chance to throw NFL pass in a regular season game. Why would anybody be nervous about the situation???????! Somebody please help me to see the situation differently.

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    This suggests to me management has seen enough of Fitz to know they don’t want him beyond a one season bridge/teacher. Time for Fitz to take his rightful place on The Deadliest Catch 😀

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      Matador, how does help this season?

      1. 6.1.1


        You’re right of course Horse, it doesn’t. Just had low expectations when we signed him and haven’t seen anything suggesting otherwise, but maybe he’ll play better if he’s needed for a game or two during the regular season. We don’t have much choice but to keep him this season and hope he never sees the field. The Deadliest Catch will have to wait…but not too long



          Matador, I agree with you. I’m still hoping a younger journeyman quarterback is cut and we grab him.



          We have another option, too. Cutting him would save us $1.75M against the cap, which we can roll over to next offseason, when we might really need it, what with Evans, Winston, Marpet, Kwon, and Smith all likely to be considered for contract extensions.

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    I think Fitzpatrick needs to retire. Guy just doesn’t seem to have it anymore and didn’t last year either. I liked him and thought he was great signing. Oh well.

    As far as Griffin I hope the Bucs know what they are doing. Thy know more than us fans but I’ve never seen much from him to make me think he would be able to play QB if Winston went down. Of course we don’t see him practice every day etc. probably not lot else they can do at this point. They have lot time invested and not any cheaper options that will be better I’m sure.

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    I’m no Pats fan, but shouldn’t we at least bring K Ealy in for a tryout?? How bad has he been lately?? I think he was like a 2nd round pick a few years back, he can’t be too much worse than our current stable of back-up DE’s. I hope we at least bring him in to kick the tires. Seems like he was mis-cast in the wrong type of Defense, they say he would be better in a 4-3. Sounds like he could at least help us with our depth???

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      That ship done sailed. On August 27th, the Bucs were one of 7 teams that put in a waiver claim for DE Kony Ealy. He was awarded to the Jets, but the Bucs were in the mix trying to get better as you suggest. Beyond the Jets, the Cowboys, Giants, Buccaneers, Washington, Lions, and Cardinals all made claims. Better luck next time. Go Bucs!

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    At least now we Bucs fans won’t be clamoring for the back-up QB if Jameis throws an ill-advised pass. Horse is right to yearn for a better option. I keep waiting for Owlykat to suggest Tebow.

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    Patrick J Ellsworth

    Fitz needs to be shown the door.

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