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    That didn’t sound too confident to me. I’d just go ahead and assume he’s another offensive line bust from free agency.

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    Hate to say this cgmaster but I concur with your opiniion.
    What I would like to know is hoe and whrn he injured his back and how. If it was not football related then I would think we eould be off the hook cap wise and legally wise from paying his contract.
    That is another question I would like to know the answer to.
    Ad for Sweezy’s remark about growing on IR it is certain that one thing that grew and swelled was his bank account.

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      I think it had to be within the football relm like weight lifting at OBP or they wouldn’t had placed him on IR; just my guess. Anybody know?

      1. 2.1.1



        Never placed on IR. Was put on reserve PUP. After the 11th game by NFL rule, he had to be cut, activated, placed on IR or remain on PUP for the remainder of the year. He was left on PUP.



          Macabee; thank you as I didn’t know he stayed on PUP.

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    We need a center. I’m not crazy of moving Marpet to the middle. I’m all for versatility but I believe its best to leave young players in one place. Go Bucs!

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    Does anyone know what is wrong with him? Is the back injury career ending or just a 1 year set back? PR please find out for us readers.

    Thanks and Happy 2017 Bucs Fans

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    Back injuries never seem to go away completely. It’s probably something that he is just going to learn how to deal with, or give up his football career. But I could be wrong. The sad thing is, i have only met one person who has ever had successful back surgery, and I’ve talked to a lot who have had it. I hope the best for him. But maybe the Bucs need to clear out some of the dead weight this team has carried this past year and get some new talent that can be on the field. That $32 mill could buy a few really good players at needed positions.

  6. 6


    Sorry, but until J.R. actually is cleared to practice I’m assuming it just did not work out and the Buccaneers got jobbed. There is nothing we’ve heard or seen to make me feel otherwise and the Bucs need to move on as if he’ll never play again.

    1. 6.1


      You make it sound as if Sweezy purposely conned the Bucs. Hardly.

      There seems to be a real strong tendency amongst fans to assign blame for injuries, including potentially even career ending injuries, to the players. That’s an immature attitude, to assume that because someone isn’t able to work they’re somehow conning everyone.

      There isn’t a player on Bucs, and few to none in the league, who don’t work their entire youth and adult lives to be able to go out and play on that field for as long as their bodies can hold out. There isn’t a player in the league who also doesn’t know that his market value is dependent on staying healthy and able to play, so there is little to no shirking amongst NFLplayers. This isn’t like a “normal job” where the workers are always looking for extra days off, “mental health days”, getting sick on Fridays and Mondays. These players are all independent contractors with at best maybe a year or two, max of three, of guaranteed paydays, which guarantees are also subject to being voided by personal misbehavior (as in Doug Martin).

      1. 6.1.1


        I do NOT blame Sweezy for being injured. I do wonder how the Buccaneers paid so much for a guy who never even made to a single practice. I believe he had back issues before he was signed and it seems to me the Buccaneers had no idea how serious they were. It’s been an entire year. He’s a lineman with a serious back problem and it doesn’t seem to me he can be counted on. I don’t really believe the Buccaneers are counting on him at this point either. Clear?



          Apparently the injury occurred after the contract was signed, as I understand it. The Bucs, just like every other NFL team, does a full medical evaluation on every player, both free agents and prospective draft picks, to determine their medical fitness as of the date of the exam. Lots of players have failed those exams over the years. But nothing can make up for an injury post-signing.

      2. 6.1.2


        Hmmmm. Often sick on either Friday or Monday and mental health days to get out of work. I’ll add working at home, 15 minute doctor exam and taking off the entire day, wife ill and you take the day off too, no need to drive all the way to the office with nothing much to do, stepped on a sand spur and foot hurts, bit by an ant and worried it might be the onset of shingles. I’ve heard a lot of doozies.

        Totally agree with you on this one. I suppose there are some players who have more injuries than others or those who are less likely to play with some sort of ailment, but we have folks here who seem to equate a legitimate injury with a guy just looking to relax. Heck, I’ve read comments here who wanted a player cut because he got hurt.

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    The Bucs are only on the hook for one more year at 6.5 million I believe, Dude.
    Akeem Spence also underwent back surgery this year and was back playing by the middle of the year.
    Why does this injury and rehab have to be so mysterious.

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    Nothing that sounds like OL isn’t on the draft list again this season

  9. 9


    We need you big fella. Our line needs a good center/ guard.
    I am praying for your health. Something we seem to be lacking on this team.

  10. 10


    I suspect Jason Licht will conduct the business of developing the offensive line as if Sweezy won’t be available and if he does retuen to the form anticipated it will be a bonus.

    1. 10.1


      The Bucs have about $75M in cap space today … more if they void Martin’s guaranteed second year. So Licht has plenty of room to sign a quality offensive lineman, but as always, they’re in demand and don’t come often, and don’t come cheap.

  11. 11


    Having had my L5 removed, like my torn liabrum, and rotator cuffs done I can say with certainty you’re not 100 percent for a full year. Now my disc was removed 20 years ago, the shoulders three. I’m 61 and still battle the Sea surfing. So let’s not throw a 20 something year old on the scrap heap so fast. I bet he comes back strong, no pun intended, next season.

  12. 12


    Nobody can conclude anything from Dirk’s remarks, he actually said he has no idea what’s coming with Sweezy. Dirk can only play the players he has, and he can’t spend any time or thought dealing with players who haven’t played a snap for him as of today.

    All we can do is hope that Sweezy is able to play next season. If so that fills a sizeable hole in our O-line talent pool … and if not then that’s another hole that needs filling.

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    Offensive line, RBs, and WRs are a need in Tampa. The defense was awful early in the year, then jelled by the end of the season. Is V-Jax gone? I would assume so. But really, we can improve at most positions. That being the case, I hope we draft best available.

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    Apparently the injury occurred after the contract was signed, as I understand JR dropped the pen and when he bent over to pick it up., the back checked out. And never came back, all the Glazer’s men couldn’t put snezzy back together again.

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