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    So what’s the soluntion? DB’s play closer to the line and we blitz more. Our DB’s are so slow we can’t play them so deep. This is the same defense I have seen for a couple years now. As to Winston, give him some simple passing plays on 1st & 2nd down especially in our 1st series at thebeginning of game and after the half. We will have to have some luck to win this game and our team believing they can win. Go Bucs!

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    Horse, you made me think of Brad Johnson. I remember watching him throw the ball out of bounds more than I’d seen anyone else before. Now I also remember hating watching the Gruden passing offense because I couldn’t stand seeing the ball dumped to the RB so often and I wanted to see WR’s actually moving when they got the ball instead of curls and button hooks. But the point is that Brad took care of the ball. He, of course, had a much better defense to rely on so he’d throw it away, punt, and live to try again on the next series. But I think Jameis needs to throw the ball away a bit more. Or at least check it to the RB more. I like his aggressive nature and I’ve seen him make some amazing throws down the field. But he can’t push it that often. He needs to know when the situation calls for being less aggressive and when to squeeze one in there. He doesn’t have to make every play work. I was just think about how Brad Johnson was a better protector of the ball and a better decision maker and game manager. But I believe Jameis will be fine. All of this is a learning experience and he will learn.

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      I’m not ready to call Jameis Winston a bust … yet it’s often (but certainly not always) been the case that NFL quarterbacks who throw a lot of INTs in their first couple of seasons continue to have that tendency throughout their careers. Their actual TD/INT ratio season to season may vary depending upon other factors, such as the quality of the offensive line (fewer sacks, hits, and hurries usually translates into fewer INTs), quality of receivers, and quality of the defense (QBs tend to take fewer risks with the ball when they can rely on the defense to stop the other team).

      Jameis Winston threw a lot of picks in college, especially his second season at FSU, and that was one of the biggest question marks in drafting him, so this is not a new issue for him. He certainly CAN learn to tone it down and throw it away .. but his tendency is his tendency, and when things are not going well, such as having a poor offensive line and a piss poor defense, and no running game to speak of … Jameis’ tendency to sling it is not likely to diminish.

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    Gee, it was all supposed to be better once Lovie was fired. The team is worse this year.

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