The Bucs and the NFL wrapped up the draft on Saturday evening with 259 players chosen by the 32 teams in the league. But now comes the annual “second draft” as teams reach out to the players who weren’t selected and attempt to sign them to their roster.

Below are the players the Buccaneers selected, and under that will be a list of UDFA players that the Buccaneers have added.

Bucs 2021 Draft Picks

Round 1 – OLB Joe Tryon
Round 2 – QB Kyle Trask
Round 3 – OL Robert Hainsey
Round 4 – WR Jaelon Darsden
Round 5 – LB K.J. Britt
Round 7 – CB Chris Wilcox
Round 7 – LB Grant Stuard 

Bucs Undrafted Free Agent Signings

* note, UFDAs aren’t official until a contract is signed

• South Carolina OL Sadarius Hutcherson
• Cincinnati DL Elijah Ponder
• FAU EDGE Leighton McCarthy
• Iowa State S Lawrence White IV
• Stony Brook S Augie Contressa
• Miami K Josh Borregales
• Navy DB Cameron Kinley
• FAMU OL Calvin Ashley
• West Virginia WR T.J. Simmons

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About the Author: Mark Cook

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Pete Wood
11 days ago

Wow. Still no RB. The Bucs apparently have high hopes for Vaughn. Cool.
What a great draft!

Reply to  Pete Wood
10 days ago

It’s a strange call dude.
In the deepest RB draft in a handful of years, and with our 2 starting RB’s not under contract after this season, we seriously ended up with nothing at the position. I’m just really confused on this one. Guys like Gainwell, went in the 5th round for crying out loud. Much rather Gainwell, over an extremely slow LB, who can’t cover fast RB’s or TE’s(in a division with CMC, Kamara, and now K.Pitts)

Last edited 10 days ago by Dave
Reply to  Dave
10 days ago

the team has 4 quality RBs and do not need another one. Kick returns will be handled by Darden.
As for next year they can sign and draft as needed.

Reply to  RW
9 days ago

4 quality? Hmm. I see 3 quality. Enlighten me on the 4th? And the only 2/4 that have ever proven at any point in their careers, to be able to carry the ball at least 150 times per year, are Rojo and LF(both of their contracts are up after this year). And you say, ehh we’ll deal with it next year, and just draft RB’s if needed. Who knows what our team needs will be in the draft next year. And this was one of the deepest RB classes of the last decade. Highly doubt next years will be anywhere… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by Dave
Pete Wood
Reply to  Dave
9 days ago

Good answer, RW. You’ve convinced me, bossman. Thanks!

Reply to  Dave
9 days ago

Vaughn ran well when given the chance averaging over 4 yards a carry. He hit the hole fast and showed shiftiness in traffic. His first pass reception was a TD where he knocked over a safety at the goal line.

Reply to  drdneast
8 days ago

I’m not saying I think Vaughn is a bust. I’m just saying, based off last year, the jury is still out. At times, it looked like the stage was too big for him. Hopefully this year, with a normal off-season, he’ll look a lot more confident. But knowing that, and knowing that we have 2 starting RB’s(both of which are flawed, and shouldn’t get a huge payday from Licht), whose contracts are up after this season, I think it was a strange call to completely ignore RB, in a very very deep class of RB’s

Last edited 8 days ago by Dave
Reply to  Dave
8 days ago

I wouldn’t get too worked up over having a RB signed for next year. It’s about the easiest position to fill on a football team. I’d be just as happy filling in the RB position year to year. There are always guys available and rookies can walk right in and play.