ESPN’s Adam Schefter announced on Wednesday that the Bucs will be wearing their white jerseys and pewter pants in Super Bowl LV against the Chiefs, with Kansas City wearing their red jerseys.

As the designated home team for the Super Bowl, the Bucs will be using their own locker room at Raymond James Stadium and were able to choose which uniform they would wear. Tampa Bay wore the same white and pewter combination in their win over the Packers in the NFC Championship, in contrast to the red jersey and pewter pants combination that they wore in their lone Super Bowl victory over the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

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2 months ago

This would be my second choice so they will still look good. Honestly, anyone who doesn’t like the all Pewter is not worth even taking to. The all Pewter is such a baller outfit and it is the best looking uniform we’ve ever had and I wish that could be our permanent colored jerseys. We should have White and Pewter and all Pewter. Whatever reason the all Pewter wasn’t an option is dumb but White and Pewter will still be Epic!

Reply to  Spitfire
2 months ago

Agreed 100. I was honestly hoping the article was going to say they’d be wearing the all pewter- I know it’s an alternate, but it’s still badass.

Reply to  Spitfire
2 months ago

I like them. I bought a pewter Godwin. But they’re gimmicky – like all color rush uniforms were. I like more contrast.