Greg Auman reported on Tuesday that the Bucs have waived former second-round pick safety Justin Evans.

Selected with the 51st pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Evans made a quick impact in the Bucs’ secondary, hauling in three interceptions with six passes defended and two tackles for loss in 14 games as a rookie.

In 2018 Evans would retain his role a full-time starter, notching another interception, a tackle for loss and a even a defensive touchdown on a fumble recovery in the Bucs’ Week 1 victory over New Orleans. Evans wouldn’t finish the season however, missing six games in his second season with a toe injury before eventually undergoing Achilles surgery and a separate surgery the following offseason.

2018 would prove to be the last time Evans would suit up for Tampa Bay, spending the entirety of the 2019 and 2020 seasons on either the physically unable to perform list or the injured reserve before being waived.

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7 months ago

I forgot about him… Was thinking SMB when I saw the headline… In pics with Haskins or borrowed Vh3 gas mask

7 months ago

Shame. i won’t blame Licht for this. Injuries like these can’t be predicted.

7 months ago

It happens; I can’t blame the GM on this one.

7 months ago

It’s a shame, he had so much promise and we really could have used him since 2018. They hung onto him and gave him every chance so it’s not like they just tossed him away when he got hurt. Sucks for him though, he worked his whole life to get to the pros and got there only to get hurt and unable to get anywhere. Hope he finally heals up some day and finds something else he loves to do.

7 months ago

Bucs showed great patience with Evans. We all wish it could have worked out. He showed great promise when healthy. Foot injuries suck.
Go Bucs.

7 months ago

so long

7 months ago

I was thinking Bunting aswell lol

7 months ago

Feel bad for the kid, but you have to be available to play to stick around. Does anyone know the status of Beckwith? Did he officially retire, or is he stashed away on the roster somewhere?

7 months ago

Really.. what took so long? Whether it be by injury, or just bad drafting, Licht’s second round draft picks have been a disaster. Spence, Berto,… Bunting next? I wouldn’t hang my hat on drafting D.Smith in the second, would any of you? Don’t feel bad for Evans. He’s made more money on I.R. then most of us could make in a life time. And all he had to do was rehab for it.

Reply to  surferdudes
7 months ago

You can’t have a crystal ball and know who gets hurt. That said it is odd they all seem to be second round. Bad luck imo. As far as making enough money hopefully he did get a degree that’s worth something because in early 20’s he didn’t make enough to last for him and a family for next 50 or more! I guarantee that.

Randy H.
Reply to  fredster
7 months ago

His rookie contract had $2.6M guaranteed money. I know if I inherited $2.6M when I was 21, I would not have worked a day in my life. It is called smart investing. Maybe he didn’t do that, but I guarantee that someone could make that last 50 years.

7 months ago

Only a year too late. This guy rode the sick call wagon.