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    I wonder who is doing the thinking for this team. How can you sign a guy and wave him the next day. No wonder they haven’t had a winning season in ten years. I have not seen a billion dollar business run this way…..Just say’in……………

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    Wow, I agree jiggy. You put one guy on injured reserve, and advance a guy from your practice squad, and then cut him the next day ? That should give players confidence. NOT. I really thought we were making progress when it came to personnel moves last year. But this is starting to get out of hand. I am praying for our Kicker at this point just so I don’t have to read about him here for the next two months.

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    I suspected something was up when the coach said Dye “wasn’t ready” making it unlikely that he would be active. Seems odd that no one could determine his “readiness” before making the roster moves. Poor Jameis. His weapons going into battle are getting more limited by the day.

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    They probably asked his agent is this guy ready to go, of course he said yes, and when they got him on the practice field it was really no. That’s the way Koetter sounded to me. Jason’s done a good job finding guys on the D line, not so much with receivers. We need to do more then draft a receiver high next year. We need to take a chunk of what we’ve been paying V Jax, on a good FA with a track record who can come in and play now.

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      That is a good plan sufer. We need another proven receiver.

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