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    I will not speculate on the validity of the woman’s claims. I wasn’t there and I haven’t read any of the investigation documents that have been made public. Like Denzel Washington once said, “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you’re misinformed.” So I decided a while back to just let other people argue over this issue and I’d make up my mind what I was going to think about it after watching Jameis’ actions for a while. Because I believe that people are who they are. As much as we’d all like to believe that we can hide our true nature……eventually the real us becomes evident. I figured if Jameis was some predatory monster then I’d be able to see some evidence of that. I don’t know Jameis personally. I’ve never met him and I’ve never seen him in a ‘normal’ setting outside of media appearances or team activities. So take what I have observed with a grain of salt. But I have seen nothing from this young man to lead me to believe that he has some criminal side of his personality. And given the fact that I can only judge what I see I’ll have to conclude that I find it highly unlikely that Jameis was a criminal in college as well. Don’t get me wrong. Anyone can get too big for their britches. And a young man who gets a big head on campus could have just felt like he was entitled to everything including the girl he wanted. But what has he done since then that looks anything like that? I’ve seen and heard nothing of the sort. I see what appears to be a genuinely good young man who cares deeply for the people in his life and he wears his heart on his sleeve. We all have our darker side but I cannot see a criminal darker side in Jameis. Maybe I’m wrong. I wish the young woman well and hope she finds closure. I wish Jameis well and hope he can move on. On to Dallas to shock the F*%$#@& world.

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      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just an outstanding comment Twisted. Bravo!

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    He has been a model citizen since arriving at Tampa. And no one dedicates himself more to the game.

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    Well said. Funny, I was just thinking of the this the other day, that cloud that hangs over the kid. Glad it’s behind him, now on to being one of the best on and off the field.

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    Ok, so, more than half way through the season, we are a very hot team and riding a five game win streak. Why are we even posting articles like right now? This is beating a dead horse already…..Let’s talk Sunday Night football and the Cowboys. FYI, there are groups of girls who “purposely” chase “money men”, meaning they chase players who are potentially going to be drafted at the next level, this is not BS. Please leave articles like this out, I would much rather read more stories about Jameis being the true leader he is for this team and how he will lead us to our 6th win in a row at Dallas on Sunday.

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      You can’t ignore facts, the news, and history, Michael, as painful as they may be. Jameis has a history, one that fed gazillions of articles, posts, comments, etc. for years. You can’t wish it away.

      The good news is that the settlement now makes the issue go away. If the litigation had not been settled, and allowed to go to full discovery and trial, it would have reopened all the debate, the wounds, the hatred formerly directed towards both the accused and the accuser, and it would have dominated discussion of both the player and the team.

      This is good news, indeed.

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    None of us or anyone else was there, guilt or innocence is indeterminate. Most rapes are never reported or have charges filed. Most charges of rape end up in dismissal or acquittal. It just is, and there’s no point in arguing it.

    As others here have noted, Jameis Winston, regardless of what he did or didn’t do four years ago, has been a model citizen and a model NFL player and a valuable member of this team. If he were ever to be accused of similar actions in the future, he will likely not be the beneficiary of the doubt … and he knows that, so he certainly has strong motivation to avoid any appearance of any form of sexual assault. He has an extreme amount to lose in life were he to be so accused again. That also makes him an easy target for a would-be blackmailer, so that is even more reason for him to live a very clean life, and stay the hell away from the club scene or any other environment where behavior tends to shade towards questionable if not illegal. As far as we can tell, that’s exactly how Jameis has conducted himself.

    Unfortunately, too many other NFL players have allowed themselves to be waylaid by their bad choices, which has been an ongoing image problem for the game of professional football. In this respect, Jameis has served as a role model, not only for kids growing up, but even for his fellow NFL players. Keep it up!

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    I have two daughters and told them both if you go back to some guys place after midnight don’t think for a minute he wants to show u his original collection of Harry Potter books. He is asking you to come up to his place for one thing. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.
    This case was always about someone getting their feelings hurt and then money. Especially money.

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      I’m pretty sure most young women know not to go to a guys room to see Hairy Peter. errrrr “Harry Potter.”

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    I won’t speculate on what happened because I don’t know. As Naples said most Rapes are never even reported. I am a believer of where there is smoke there is fire. Was she pissed because he ignored her after? Maybe. Did he do something inappropriate? Maybe.

    Just glad it’s settled. He has been a model citizen since drafted so will just have to see.

    Go Bucs! Beat Dallas!!!!!!

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    IF you heard Mr. Winston recording of the MOST NASTY VULGAR remarks being said to someone at school you would be concerned about how he views ladies but… I agree since becoming a buc it appears their has been no issues

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    I read everything the Sates Attorney Office provided to the public and I long ago came to the conclussion nothing warranted this law suit and my guess is it was settled for attorney fees so more attorney fees wouldn’t accumulate. Was the investigation misshandled; yes because part of it was the accuser wasn’t forth coming and rather we like it or not, sports figures do get breaks. I still saw nothing in the suit, but two 18 year old kids acting inappropriately. This is the part that disgust me when us tax payers have to pay for the attorney fees when the money could have and should have gone to other things in our State Budget.

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      Horse I’m glad someone else decided to actually look at the facts presented. I personally wish he would’ve taken her to the cleaners but, A. it would’ve cost a lot more in fees, B. why drag all that shit up again? , C. get it out of the way and never have to worry about it again. The more I think about it, I’m kind of glad he just settled and he can focus on football now. Who knows how long a trial like that would last. On to the game.

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    Appsrently you haven’t been on a college campus lately and heard the way the girls talk sunshineben.

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    Byron M. Washington

    I am an avid FSU fan and this issue ticks me off so much. I read All of the documents, including the initial exam at the hospital and the code of conduct hearing. The young woman’s story changed at least five times!!! His legal team even had the Assistant DA testify at the school’s COC hearung.

    Was I there, no, but the media DID NOT, or WOULD NOT report outright fabrications in her story, most evident with a CLEAN TOXICOLOGY REPORT, while she constantly intimated that she was drugged in interviews and THG documentary. Her legal team even said that the blood tested by the cops wasn’t her blood so the sent it to the UF for retesting. Of course it came back clean, but where was the NYT and othed papers with this revelation?!?!

    If you read the reports it’s CLEAR that Winston was falsely accused. Only one party subborned perjury, destroyed evidence and accused the police of a cover up, while their lawyers contantly harassed Winston with a compliant and all too willing media.

    I had an exchange with a reporter online and asked her why media ignored pertinent facts like lying about the second semen sample, and lying about her boyfriend and her Aunt/Lawyer telling the ADA that her roommate wore the shorts where the second sample was found. This was a baldfaced lie as reported in the investigative report.

    I then asked her about the accusers claims of being drugged when science, toxicology report, proved otherwise. She told me that the report was “problematic” yet never mntioned it in any of her articles. Soooo frustrating!!!

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    Bob sanders

    Are you seriously not going to mention that his countersuit for defamation is also being settled? Not even mention the countersuit at all? But throw in the FSU settlement

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