As the Bucs prepare for their season-opener against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Jameis Winston spoke to the media on Wednesday about being voted a captain, and what he expects from this upcoming season as well as what he expects from his teammates and himself.

(On playing against Kwon Alexander)
“I think he did some excellent things here and that’s why he got what he deserved, getting signed by San Fran., so there will definitely be some respect but at the same time there will also be a lot of brotherly competition because I know he’ll give us everything he’s got so we’ve got to do the same thing for him.”

(On being voted captain)
“Just humbled that the guys would choose us to be their leaders and having that “C” on my chest definitely means a lot so it’s my duty to serve my teammates the best I possibly can.”

(On Carl Nassib going from being Waived by Cleveland last year to captain this year)
“He’s just a great teammate, one of the best teammates you could ask for and the guys really look up to him. He definitely stepped up in training camp, he’s done some great things and he’s been a great leader by example and a vocal leader this training camp.”

(On Nassib’s personality)
“Don’t get me wrong but any time you play on the defensive side of the ball, you’ve got some screws missing, so he’s definitely just a great teammate and I’m excited for him.”

(On being in his fifth year and if that time has flown by)
“It’s definitely a blessing but as far as years, I’m just happy that I get a chance to play football again and the season is starting up and on Sunday at 4:25 we kick off another great season for the Bucs. That’s what I look forward to every year, being able to quarterback our team and win games, that’s what I’m excited about.”

(On if anything feels a little different this year with Bruce Arians and his staff)
“Yes. You definitely have a lot of confidence in that guy because his resume speaks for himself, in B.A., but I can’t stress enough how much it means to have a someone like Byron, Coach Leftwich, being in my position before, playing in this system and just coaching from that players perspective. And it’s really a blessing having a guy like Clyde [Christensen] as the quarterbacks coach who really has a similar resume to B.A. when it comes to the quarterbacks that he’s prepared in this league. That’s really great for our room too. As far as the team, every team has a new story. One thing about football, you’ll never have the same team, no matter what. You’ll never have everybody on the same time from the previous year so I think this team will develop another essence. We’ll be able to say we’re different but it begins with actions and execution.”

(On the honest relationship he can have with Byron Leftwich)
“You’re always going to have honest relationships with your coaches, no matter what, but again, the relatability that we have and the credibility that he has from being in this offense just helps you so much because he’s been in this offense. He’s seen San Francisco, he’s been in this division over the past three years. There’s a lot that you can grow from by developing a relationship with him but there’s a lot you can learn from him because he’s played this position for years.”

(On feeling like he had the pressure of the world on his shoulders in past years)
“I think that as a competitor you’re just always, constantly trying to take on more than you should and I strain so hard to win but that’s something that coach has spread to me, just allow everyone else to help. We have tremendous players on the offensive side and the defensive side so that’s been my main focus, just go out there and do my job right and let everything else fall into place and hopefully we’ll execute and win games.”

(On focusing on getting the ball out quick against the 49ers)
“Every year my role is to get the ball out quick, that’s just part of being decisive and making good decisions.”

(On Mike Evans and how he has grown since they’ve been together)
“It’s good to have a guy like Mike Evans that you can throw the ball to on every single down. Our relationship, off the field, has grown but if you just watch practice you’ll see the report that we have together. Most quarterbacks have that guy and fortunately I have that guy with Mike Evans. That also allows the other guys around him to step up and take some heat off of him because other teams know, OK, the Bucs have Mike Evans, but I think that’s something Mike accepts and he’ll always accept because he believes no one can stop him.”

(On his success throwing 50-50 balls to Evans)
“I think that with Mike, what makes him so good, is his ability to bend on every other route. Him stretching the field vertically, his ability to stop on a dime and come back downhill, it really puts defenders in a standstill because they don’t know. They’re always trying to anticipate because that’s what the defense does, they react, and Mike, he knows what he’s doing. When he knows what he’s doing and he recognizes the coverage, especially when he recognizes man, he’s a nightmare.”

(On Jared Goff’s contract extension and if he’s thought about that)
“I’m just thinking about having a great season and winning ballgames. That’s a blessing for him and his family but as the Bucs, we have to execute and have a great season and that stuff will come when it comes.”

(On any advice to Devin White, stepping in as a rookie with pressure to lead)
“I’d just say play your best game and I think that’s one thing that he does great, compartmentalizing everything and just going out there and executing. The guy was born to play football, he really has a deep passion for this game and he loves it. I’m not the type of person to feed too much into him, I know he’ll be prepared the way he that he carries himself around here. Being a rookie, and I’ve been a rookie before, I see a confidence in him that you don’t see in 11-year vets, so I’m excited to be playing with him”

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1 year ago

What a difference in Jameis from this year to last. Off field shit is behind him, the Uber thing was years ago although the suspension wasn’t. So I’m confident with a son now he’s turned that corner in his life, grown up, and will stay out of trouble. He’s team captain again, no suspension looming like last year, and has a more competent staff working with him. So this new year has a much better feel then last. That said, what really matters is what happens on the field. Can he avoid the turnovers? Let’s face it, that’s been his… Read more »

Reply to  surferdudes
1 year ago

As long as Jameis goes to his check down receiver when everybody else is covered (or gets rid of it when scrambling), regardless of whether he’s in the pocket or scrambling, he’ll be good. I saw some of that in the preseason, plus a little bit of old Jameis, so let’s all hope he’s turned that corner and is going to step up this year.

1 year ago

As much as I believe in Winston and as much as he is capable of, even if Winston has a great season and earns an extension, it would be nice to see Him understand that if we want to change the Culture here and continue to improve and start winning that Him taking a fair contract goes a long way in keeping the important pieces around him year in and year out. Obviously it’s easy to say he should take less money because it’s not my bank account, but if he would go in and take $25mil a year like… Read more »