Rumors began to swirl as the Bucs took the field to start the second half in Sunday’s contest against the Colts. Trailing by six points, it wasn’t Jameis Winston under center for Tampa Bay’s first drive, but backup quarterback Ryan Griffin.

It was discovered shortly after that Winston was dealing with a fractured thumb, but the fifth-year quarterback re-entered the game for the team’s second drive of the half before leading the Bucs out of a 14-point second half deficit to secure the come-from-behind victory.

“I really didn’t feel it in the locker room because it was just coming off of a two-minute drive and I was going in there,” Winston said. “But when I came out, because I’m not playing catch in the locker room, I came out to grab the ball and went, ‘Oh.’”

Winston was then asked about when the injury occurred.

“It was the last two-minute drive,” Winston said. “I threw a ball to O.J. [Howard] and I kind of hit… [Al-Quadin Muhammed] got underneath. I threw it and I hit his hand and then when I tried to pull it back I hit his helmet.”

Winston’s injury will likely limit his role in practice this week and his status for Sunday is currently up in the air as Tampa Bay looks to extend their season-long winning streak to four against the Detroit Lions.

“I think it’s getting better every day,” Winston said. “I’m just taking it day-by-day.”


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1 year ago

Hope his grip isn’t effected, seemed fine in the second half when he came back in. I would look for Detroit to be swatting him like crazy, time to step up O-line. Maybe we will see some good running drives with out switching 3 different backs, ugh, how about getting one guy into a grove, would love to see a big day for ROJO.

GO BUCS!!!!!!

Reply to  wish-in-one-hand
1 year ago

No kidding. D.O., I don’t want to but her his name, has done nothing a s far as I can see to be the third down back. He doesn’t seem to block better because he’s always going out for a pass on third downs. Well I’d sure rather see RoJo in space than him. Get some consistent carries for RoJo and let the man get into a damn groove!! Jameis has a bad hand so I’d like to think that if he plays that the running game and shorter passes would help Winston out. I’d love to see this team… Read more »

1 year ago

Yes! Help Jameis by establishing the run game with RoJo and not just up the middle! Get him on some outside/sweep action where he can cut it back inside or bust it wide. Give him 20-25 carries! Kid seems to get better the more he runs it. Establishing the run game helps Jameis out big time… now having said this…watch Jameis throw it 40-45 times! I’m just saying…
Go Bucs!

Reply to  bucballer
1 year ago

haha totally agree Bucballer, Rojo looked his best against the Rams and haven’t seen him utilized like that since. Can’t help your confidence or rhythm playing musical backs but like you said we’ll probably throw all day lol.