Tampa Bay extended their win streak to three games on Sunday with a 38-35 victory over the visiting Indianapolis Colts, but it came at a cost.

On his lone reception of the day, a 61-yard touchdown in the first quarter, Mike Evans pulled up with a hamstring injury that would keep the star receiver out for the remainder of the game – and possibly the season with just three games remaining.

The extent of the injury is unknown, but head coach Bruce Arians commented that Evans is doubtful to play in Tampa Bay’s upcoming game against the Detroit Lions, although he believes the injury is just a pulled muscle and not a tear.

Bucs WR Mike Evans – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“They’re just going to let it bleed out and see,” Arians said. “He was a quick healer when he had it in the spring but I have to be very doubtful for this week.”

In addition to Evans’ injury, another concerning injury happened after halftime as the Bucs’ backup quarterback Ryan Griffin came into the game to begin the third quarter. Winston would re-enter the game on the second drive of the half and Arians revealed following the game that his starting signal-caller had suffered a minor fracture in his thumb, impacting his ability to grip the ball.

While Arians insinuated immediately following the game that the fracture would not affect Winston moving forward, he stated during his press conference on Monday that Winston would be seeing a hand specialist to evaluate the extent of the injury.

“It’s swollen and sore,” Arians said. “But we’ve got to get a hand specialist involved to see for the long-term future.”

Should Winston be forced to miss time, with quarterback Blaine Gabbert already on the injured reserve, Griffin would step in as the interim starter while Chad Kanoff, a first-year quarterback out of Princeton, would likely be promoted from the practice squad to handle the backup duties.

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1 year ago

Blaine Gabbert was a total waste. Need to get a real QB2.

1 year ago

He was a waste because he was injured? That makes lot of sense. Lol

Reply to  fredster
1 year ago

Yes. Also he was never that good, don’t know why he was signed to begin with. I also think one of the main reasons Arians never benched Winston temporarily was because there isn’t a decent backup to put in.

Reply to  fredster
1 year ago

Not saying it’s his fault by any means. Just saying it was a bad gamble. Just like Jacksonville dumping money into Foles. Total waste.

1 year ago

A hamstring is a tricky injury. Rushing Mike back this season makes no sense. Take the time to heal and be ready next season. Go Bucs

1 year ago

Evans was in pretty obvious pain. Would be surprised if he plays again this season.

Griff looked good Sunday, got his first regular season completions. Give him some extra reps and keep him ready to go for the rest of the season.

Reply to  Dman
1 year ago

Griff looked good??? He was 2 of 4 for 18 yards. That’s a 50% completion rate and a 4.5 yards per attempt rate and he threw a bad pass to an open receiver on 3rd down that forced the Bucs to have to punt. His only 2 completions were check downs. There is a reason he has been a career 3rd stringer for years.

Reply to  AlbJack65
1 year ago

Considering the situation of his first ever regular season plays looking good means avoiding negative plays and doing anything positive. Griff accomplished that. Good debut. Go bucs!

Captain Sly
1 year ago

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Winston’s hand is just a minor injury. Winston is not just the QB on this team, he’s the Mouthpiece, he’s the Emotion, he’s the Face, Winston is the Heart & Soul of this team… Speaking of who should be signed to the Biggest contract this offseason between Shaq & Winston. I realize Shaq is having a phenomenal year and is deserving of a long term contract, but I not signing Shaq at the expense of losing Winston period. So at this point Shaq is a one year wonder while Winston though good bad… Read more »

1 year ago

This year was truly better than the last few. Injuries take a toll on all teams and at this point it doesnt make sense to keep playing Winston if he can’t hold the ball. Sad to see Eagles at 6-7 playing for the playoffs and the Bucs are done. This off season is going to be a roller coaster. Happy Hollidays to everyone!

Buc stops here
1 year ago

Well, for those who wanted to see Ryan Griffin play may finally get their chance next week. If the team is smart, and Winston is not healthy, they should rest/pull him and let Griffin play. Not because he gives them the best chance to win, but it is the smart thing to do if you are going to invest another year into Winston (which is not decided yet). Winston can always come back after a week off and close out the season if the hand is good enough. They do have a lot of tape on Winston and everyone has… Read more »

1 year ago

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