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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Wow Trevor, I only liked your articles before, now I absolutely love them! You propose two really difficult choices in your read option section. I honestly would be very happy with either, but I believe that we need playmakers on offense so my choice would be option A. Getting both Davis (and I loved your analysis of his game) and McCaffrey would instantly make us a feared offensive team. While I know that the offensive line underperformed this year and missing out on getting Barnett would be sad, the NFL is geared to offensive teams now and surrounding Winston with more playmakers is the way to go. While I know a lot of fans have cooled on Martin, I still like his game. Martin runs hard and is very team first. If he’s willing to do a restructure on his contract having both McCaffrey and Martin in the backfield along with Rodgers and Barber really makes our rushing game a strength. It’s pretty clear that we need another playmaker opposite Evans as well and while we can probably pick up someone that could fill the #2 role in FA, teams that let go players in free agency usually do so for a Davis means you have two young receivers that can grow together along with Winston.

    So option A for me. B is really enticing but A it is.

    1. 2.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I think Davis would be the total package for Tampa at wide receiver. He has a unique skill set as an all-in-one guy with that much speed and natural catching ability.

      I enjoyed the analysis from your perspective! Keep sharing it whenever I do these. I love reading and commenting back-and-forth. I’ll mark you down for Option A.

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    Man, a whole line got dropped out! After in free agency do so ‘for a reason, sometimes it’s injury related, attitude or football commitment – they are 3-4 years in the system and often still haven’t figured it out. Drafting a young player like ‘

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    Good stuff TS. Ts will be my handle for you from now on, welcome and good luck dealing with all us Bucheads.
    A or B is the question. I’ll take B.
    I don’t think that Barnett will be there when we pick. So Ethan Pocic it is. That just happens to be my biggest area of need.
    But if Barnett is gone and Davis is still hanging around take the Wide out.

    1. 4.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Haha, I’m good with the shortened nickname!

      And thanks for the welcome!

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    Welcome Trevor to PR.

    Loved your in depth analysis of Corey Davis and after watching Mike Williams last night I think Corey would be a better fit with Mike Evans as Williams looks very similar to Evans.

    Your ROI analysis is very interesting however, I think one missing component (perhaps the 4th factor) should be touchdown production. Because at the end of the day it’s all about scoring points on offense.

    I much prefer draft A because of the WR need and fulfillment with Corey Davis and Ed McCaffrey would be a welcome addition to our return game and RB speed and elusiveness. Also, I think our DE’s are much improved with the addition this year of Noah Spence and Robert Ayers plus the return of our injured players.

    Looking forward to your analysis of RB draft. Many star first and second round players available and some potential star sleepers

    1. 5.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I definitely agree on the touchdowns point. In the end, scores are important. There is an equation using ROI that Jones has that involves touchdowns. Perhaps I can throw that component in there whenever it is I bring back an ROI stats for the Stat of the Week!

      And yea, I think Davis, Williams, and Smith-Schuster are all guys worth of the No 19 pick, but my preference would be Davis.

      Thanks for the feedback! I always love reading it.

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    As a statistician myself, I found this article very interesting. I think a tall WR should be the priority for the fact that it creates a mismatch for somebody. Although I do not think a small fast WR would be as beneficial. Even though a speedy WR should be able to create more big plays and stretch the field. I don’t think that leads to a ball control offense. Which helps take the pressure off of our defensive line. Speaking of the defensive line, why isn’t a DT on your mock draft? McCoy is great but there is only so long that a DT can be that dominant

    1. 6.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Just didn’t happen to have a DT in either of the options this week. I’m a big proponent of interior pressure being a major factor on defense, so I’m with you on adding as many good DTs and NTs as you can. I’ll break down some of those option in the coming weeks.

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    Nice article with some good information just not a fan of either option. I dont think Tampa should take RB in the first 3 rounds unless its Dalvin Cook. They can wait and take a flyer on Mixon later on in the draft, re-structure Martin, bring back Quiz and let them all battle it out in camp. Also I’d prefer the Bucs target either Howard who is a complete TE in round 1 or Solomon Thomas, listed at DE from Stanford but has experience at DT and would serve our DL well with his hand usage and versatility.

    1. 7.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I very much doubt that Thomas would be anywhere near available at No. 19 when draft day rolls around. Howard is good, but I think they’d go with a true wide out more than a pass catching tight end, even if it’s a guy who can play slot/sideline. And if you’re a guy who wants Mixon, I can’t argue the value he’ll have where ever he gets picked. Just don’t bet on the Bucs being the team to take that flyer on him. I don’t see Licht or Koetter taking that bait.

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    Buc 1976

    Nice article Trevor:
    I would love to see CDavis here I have seen him play and would looks great next to Evens,next I would like to DT 2nd round after that BEST players available. Thank You Buc 1976

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    Nice analysis, Trevor. You describe your analytical technique and then apply it.

    Nevertheless, I dislike draft analyses that pick one player and say, “this is the guy”. It becomes a matter of defending your liking a single player, rather than a comparative analysis of multiple choices, and then acknowledges that there are always more than a single choice at any position, and that all candidates have pluses and minuses that need to be weighed against each other.

    Maybe Davis is the best pick at WR in the first, but there are other choices, and others have made arguments on behalf of those other choices. I’d prefer a multi-candidate analysis that recognizes that multiple choices can be right.

    In the same vein, regarding your Cover 3 …. what if we looked at all combinations and permutations of the six players you proposed? There are 8 possible combinations assuming each player is taken only in the rounds you listed (which is a reasonable presumption, although there are always players who slip or climb above their projected draft rounds).

    Davis – McCaffery – King
    Davis -McCaffery – Foreman
    Davis – Pocic – King
    Davis – Pocic – Foreman
    Barnett – McCaffery – King
    Barnett – McCaffery – Foreman
    Barnett – Pocic – King
    Barnet – Pocic – Foreman

    My own personal preference would be Davis-Pocic-Foreman … you others? I’m less high on drafting a DE in the first with Smith coming back to go opposite Spence at DE. We definitely need a speedy and capable WR to go opposite Evans. I like Foreman as a running back too.

    1. 9.1


      Forgot to also say, getting another quality center is very important for both the passing and running games.

    2. 9.2

      Trevor Sikkema

      I hear you on the biased analysis! Trust me, I’ve been a part of #DraftTwitter long enough to hate it when people can’t get narratives out of their head. I’ll have “my guys” that I like more than others, sure, that’s what makes this process unique and fun. However, I try to also be objective in the prospects I watch – and I’ve gotten better at this. If a guy I thought was good has just been putting up lousy tape, I have no problem saying I’m wrong.

      With that said, by the time draft day rolls around, all of these All-Twenty Tuesdays put together will be a good tool to compare. I’ll do some comparing of a player to the other prospects in his position, but I would rather write a full review of one guy each week, and in the end you’ll have full reviews of each player and can decide for yourself as opposed to me just making the decision for you.

      I also think your pool of names/rounds idea is an interesting one. I kind of like it. Maybe I’ll go that direction next time I do a draft haul for the Read -Option!

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    In your description of ROI you mentioned it helps guide where you eat. Could we get a ROI calculation on the food vendors inside Ray Jay?

    Also, Option A on the draft scenerio.

    1. 10.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Getting paid to taste test around the stadium would be, how you say… the dream?

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    I like both draft scenarios. Going after a center early is probably the only way we can get a starter this year as depth at center looks to be weak. But in scenario two without a receiver early it would mean picking one up in free agency if we want a starter this year. I like scenario #1 best because it probably addresses our needs best. Assuming we choose a couple of DL afterwards and get a TE in there somewhere. Truth is due to injuries and player behavior problems we have way too many holes to fill in one draft. If we lose Glennon in free agency we are going to have to find a back up QB as well.

  12. 12


    Thank you Trevor. Great stuff!!!
    I say B (But, I like both).

  13. 13

    Dy-nasty D

    Great article, Trevor! It’s a welcome addition to this site to have a real writer on staff. Welcome, and keep it up!

  14. 15


    I really like this new column TS. I like the breakdown you gave on the first page of how Cover 3 will work and this seems like it’s going to be an informative, fun read. PR’s analysis had really fallen off over the years so this past season I was splitting my time between PR and Bucs Nation, mostly Bucs Nation for analysis and breakdown and PR for discussion after a game. If you keep up the good work like in this first edition I’ll be able to go back to getting all my Bucs info exclusively from PR again. That’d be nice. Here are my responses:

    Cover 1: Nice breakdown with great info. One thing that breakdown doesn’t account for is the change in QB from 2014 to 2015. If we get a big WR across from Evans in 2017 it will be interesting to see if Evans’ efficiency returns to 2014 levels. If not, maybe the QB change in 2015 is the cause of the drop in Evans’ efficiency. It’s the only other thing that changed.

    Cover 2: Agreed Davis is awesome…if we have any chance of him falling to us.

    Cover 3: In Choice A I don’t think there’s a chance either player projected in the first two rounds falls to us so my preference would be Choice B because it’s more realistic and we need a real DE. We don’t really need another #1 WR just a #2 and we can find one of those in the 2nd or 3rd round. Getting a great DE in the 2nd or 3rd round is tougher to do.

    1. 15.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! Would love to have you back at PR full-time! Haha.

      The formula is suppose to somewhat adjust to poor quarterback play, if it exists, since a struggling quarterback would even out lesser production in the market share percentages with the offense being lower overall. It also allows the receiver the chance to prove their worth as long as their yards (however many) are being maximized through he targets they can secure. But I do think that once the Bucs do add another outside receiver, viewing Evans ROI for that year will be a telling stat.

      And got it for the Read-Option choice. Thanks!

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    Welcome Trevor you might be a breath of fresh air in writing articles I had to boycott Mr Cooks Articles as he is clearly a FSU Homer in almost every article he writes esp. when it comes to the draft so welcome.

    1. 16.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I am here to balance out the force (Go Gators)

  16. 17


    A sounds pretty
    B wins games

  17. 18


    Page1: Yes, love it! Great job Trevor. Page 2: Not sure of the math? If Evans missed a game lets say for an injury, then you should have deducted the total yards from that game which would have raised his percentages. Right Trevor? Page 3: What I saw of Davis was DB’s playing off of him and he played in a small boy conference, not in a big boy conference like the ACC & SEC; I wouldn’t draft him in the 1st round. Page 4: I like Choice B because we have a need also for a CB, Center, DL, OL and WR’s can be got in the later rounds and in free agency. I would love to see a percentage of how successful WR’s chosen in the 1st Round as to other Positions? All the years we have been drafting for WR’s taken in the first round, only Evans was worth it and he projected as the 2nd best WR projected 2014. Nope I’m not buying into your math Trevor.

    1. 18.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      To answer your question about Page 2: no, you wouldn’t have to adjust the number for injuries, because remember it’s not the size of the percentage that matter, it’s how efficient it is when they’re recorded. I suppose if a player is playing severely hurt, then yes that would skew things little. But if a player misses games due to injury, that wouldn’t disproportionally affect their efficiency numbers because all of them would go down in unison, which would still give you the correct ratios.

      And that’s an interesting question about how many top receivers have been worth their price. I’ll do some research on that and get back to you – even though I still like David 🙂

      1. 18.1.1


        Trevor, thank you for replying. I’ll have to trust your math. Would love to know what positions are more successful than others based. I guess it would also have to include that positions average NFL career. Dang my grandson is majoring in mathmatical and physical science and would have figured this all out for me in a snap if he was still home for the hollidays. He’s a senior at FSU graduating this August at19 years old; yes I’m a proud grandpaw.

  18. 19


    Trevor I am taking “A” all day. All three players are studs and could provide immediate impact which is what we need. “B” is interesting but I do not think it properly addresses our shortcomings. This year is just horrible for O-Line candidates. At DE I do not see the need for another top round pick. We ranked 9th in sacks and we were missing some of our rotation. If we had been healthier early on we could have easily ranked top 5. And it will get better this season. Great article looking forward to more.

    1. 19.1


      I’m glad to see someone else noticed how good our rush was with a couple of DE on the IR all season. We lost Smith after the first play of the season! I think our DE rotation should be just fine resigning William G. and watching Spence grow.

  19. 20


    Hi Trevor,
    Very nice article. As tough as it is to pass on Barnett, option A would set up the skill positions for the BUCS for years to come. However, I’m not certain that Davis will be available when it is our turn to draft. John Ross has been a fast riser compared to Desean Jackson? How do think he will translate to the pros? Will he be a Desean Jackson/Joey Galloway type or the bust Dexter Jackson that the BUCS selected in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft?

    1. 20.1


      I was a fan of huff, but looking at his stats this season, he started slow and had almost all of his production in Big 12 play. They aren’t known for defense in those parts. And in the playoffs he was completely shut down by Bama. Oh he’s going to be fast, but c an he get off of press coverage?

  20. 21


    Excellent column, TS. You’ve set the bar high for future offerings.

    As laid out, I’d take option A over B, but swap out a strong WR in round three of option B and it would make it a win-win tossup for me.

    1. 21.1


      I was stationed in Korea in 1973. I still haven’t thawed out completely.

      1. 21.1.1


        I was at Casey in ’73, 2d Avn. Haven’t thawed out yet, either.

  21. 22


    Best article in the last 5 years from this site. I read every article. I’ve been on this site for over 10′ years? This wasn’t reliant on any inside information and was completely original research. Keep going further with your level of detail. Don’t underestimate your audience. Keep raising the standard. This is exactly what this site should be doing to segment themselves. Great call on Scott and Mark to onboard you.

    1. 22.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Wow! Thank you! Truly, that means a lot from someone who is such an avid reader of this and other sites.

      I can never underestimate my audience. You all teach me more than you think!

  22. 23


    The Bucs have three major areas of need – targets for Winston, protection for Winston and defensive line help. It comes down to being able to run the ball. protect the QB, stop the run and get after opposing QBs. Something the Bucs have had consistent trouble with over the years.

    I am all for Davis at 19 – he is the most polished route runner, sure-handed and disciplined receiver there is in this draft. Helps that he is being coached by PJ Fleck former NFL receivers coach of the Bucs.

    Use rounds two and three to get offensive or defensive line help.

    And go all in on Adam Shaheen, tight end from Ashland in round four. He is a game changer in the mold of Rob Gronkowski with the size and nasty disposition of Mark Bravo.

    1. WR Corey Davis
    2. DE Charles Harris
    3. DT Vincent Taylor
    4. TE Adam Shaheen
    5. C Kyle Fuller
    6. OT Antinio Garcia
    7. RB Marlon Mack

  23. 24


    Hey Trevor,

    I really enjoyed the article. If I learned anything from my own Masters degree it was that statistics are voodoo and they are an evil that should be vanquished mustering all of the forces of middle earth. That being said, I still liked the analytical viewpoint. But it doesn’t surprise anyone to hear that Evans would be better if he were paired with another skilled WR. It’s not a revelation. On Davis points, I try not to get stuck on any individual player prospects pre-draft since I’ve never actually ever been proven correct on a single draft choice. OK maybe the Winston pick was a bit easy. I’ll just say that I hope for a player like Davis. On the last page, I don’t think everyone gets what your proposed to do. You were hoping to frame the discussion ONLY using the two options you proposed. I get it because it forces us to argue pros and cons for THOSE choices alone. Unfortunately what I think you’re going to get most of the time is everyone’s personal mock-draft lists in response. They don’t want to have to limit the discussion to the picks you’re proposing. I like the exercise myself but it seems to have been lost on some folks. So I’d go with option B. I totally agree with Eastendboy. Everyone wants to see flashy names on draft day. We do need flashy skill players. But the end of the Dallas game was so telling to me. If Corey Davis was on the field that day, if he was in the game at the end when the Bucs had a chance to come back and win, he would have been getting separation from his man only to look back and watch Winston being sacked again. The trenches need to be addressed and that will make every player at skill positions that much better. Welcome and I’ve really enjoyed reading this.

  24. 25


    Another outstanding piece Trevor. Looking forward to your offerings. Leave it to Naples to object to your limited two pronged scenario and want to offer virtually every possible combination. “This or that” is all you desired. Not this or that or that or that or that or that.

    Thank goodness there wasn’t a quiz at the end. Your friend “Math” was often the biggest bully faced in junior high.

    Since I believe you were only looking for an “A or B” response; out of those two choices, I’ll take choice A. I do think we need more offensive players against whom defensive coordinators need to game plan more than we need another DE and what I think is a much too tall center.

    1. 25.1


      You’ll note, Scubog, that Trevor said he liked my suggestion.

      I guess you prefer to have someone do all the thinking for you so you don’t have to.

      I don’t.

      1. 25.1.1


        First I’m “full of myself” for offering an opinion for with which you disagreed and now you accuse me of “preferring to have the thinking done for me”. As usual, you are on both sides so you can profess yourself to be on the right one.

        We all can offer a multitude of Draft options and scenarios. Trevor asked our opinion of but two. Apparently you are incapable of following instructions.

        That said, I do enjoy reading your posts.

        Here’s another way to expand on Trevor’s exercise. When our turn comes up in each round we have a list of three or four similarly rated players, as named by Trevor, from which to choose while the imaginary clock is ticking tick, tick, tick. Who out of the listed options do you choose? Of course, you might want to take a player not on the noted list which would make the game pointless.

  25. 26

    Hank Scorpio

    Option B all day. Strong line play can really elevate offensive and defensive backfields. Barnett is the best DE in this draft. A strong pass rush leads to rushed throws, meaning more incompletes and INTs, and higher potential for sack/fumbles. Pocic would shore up the interior, giving Jameis more time to throw and whoever our RB is, wider running lanes.

    Option A looks nice and flashy, but it would do little to fix our biggest issues we had this year (besides kicker) of our lack of pass rush earlier in the year giving guys like Derek Carr all the time in the world to pick us apart, and our shoddy OL play not being able to open up holes in the running game or give Jameis enough time to throw on a consistent basis.

    Let me put it this way. Dak and Zeke aren’t having anywhere near the success they had this year playing behind the Bucs OL.

  26. 27

    Ghost in the Ruins

    I like Choice A the best, although I would rather see a draft of Davis, McCaffery, and Foreman. I’m tired of the RB position being a weakness most years.

  27. 28


    I don’t know about Pocic and him being too tall as Scubog says, could be true but I am inclined to agree with Naplesfan. Davis and then Pocic and then just BPA… King, Foreman, whoever. A great WR to pair with Evans is so enticing but if I had to choose an option I would choose B. Impact and depth to the lines. What are the feelings on Kenny Britt? I believe he is a FA and I didn’t check his age or how much money he will command so maybe that is a bad idea but I think he would be more than servicable as a #2.

    1. 28.1


      He’s 6′-6″. We always hear about “low man wins” and “getting their pad level down”. At that height it just seems he would have difficulty getting lower than a typical short stout nose guard or under tackle.

      1. 28.1.1


        Yeah I understand, you are probably right about the player, I am interested in the idea of adding a C and O line help/depth. Haha drdneast! It is fun to converse with other armchair GM’s! Not saying you disagree, but everyone sees something different and with an open mind we can be educated by each other. I love coming here because you guys have insights into the college game, among other things that I do not possess. Give the Pats the bowl and let’s do the draft already! Bucs fans are hungry again

  28. 29
    1. 29.1


      Am I the first like for the great Jameis Winston!?

  29. 30


    This is an incredibly well written article TS. The stats you bring to the table are a nice touch and it shows the amount of work you put into it. Not saying Scott and the others don’;t we all love their content. But you’re mixing it up and I love it!
    As for the Corey Davis argument, I’ve been tooting this guys horn for a couple of weeks now. He’s my number one player I would like at our spot,m unless of course Dalvin cook falls to us. If he does, it’s not even a question of who you take, and I don’t care if you call me a homer like most on here, I’m looking at you Jon. HAHA
    Davis has the right mix of speed and size. Mike Williams will probably be the first receiver taken off of the board, especially after the championship game. I’m not a big Jon Ross fan from Washington after Alabama completely shut him down.
    As for the A and B choice, I would much prefer A with a slight twist. Just put the LSU center at the number 2 pick and I would be very happy with that draft. We need some weapons and with the DE’s coming back off of the IR, we should have some good talent there. It’s got to be offensive draft this year. Although at some point we are gong to have to take a D-tackle soon. Mccoy isn’t getting any younger.
    Again, great article Trevor. You are a very welcome addition to the staff.

  30. 31


    If you were looking for a slew of opinions from arm chair GM’s with no ecperience in the field, I think you have found out you have come to the right place. Good luck.

  31. 32


    After Mondays game I have developed a big ass man crush on Mike Williams. Hope he is there for us at 19.
    That’s right, I have actually come to like a receiver named Mike Williams, and he’s from Clemson. ( no offense to Humphries)
    It’s official, I’ve lost my mind.
    Dogs and cats are sleeping together, Trump makes Clinton secretary of state, the Browns get a QB.
    It’s like the twilight zone.

  32. 33


    Great Stuff!

    If I had to choose between A and B only, I would go with A.

    If I had to choose one combination from the six mentioned only , I would choose Davis, Pocic and King.

    Go Bucs!

  33. 34


    Great stuff, I have to go A for the draft. Davis does the one thing that Evans can’t do, break off long YAC on short routes. I also think corner is a bigger need than DL. Wouldn’t dislike B though.

  34. 35


    Now for part 2 of the fantasy/speculation on the upcoming draft.

    Suppose Licht, Koetter and staff all agreed that all of their research led them to a common belief that Davis would be the perfect WR to pair with Evans. Suppose that through some “magic” they projected that the synergy between Evans, Davis and Winston would produce these results. Evans and Davis would each average 1100 yards, 12 touchdowns and very good numbers for first down producing catches for the next four years. In addition the general consensus among the various pundits was that Davis would go anywhere from the 9th through the 14th pick in the first round.

    Now the draft is progressing and Davis is available at the 12th pick. The question is, what should the Bucs be willing to do in order to snag him?

    For example, should they be willing to trade their first and third picks? Or should they be willing to trade away their first and fourth picks and another pick from next year’s draft. Just what should they be willing to do given the scenario outlined above? What would Davis be worth to the Bucs?


  35. 36

    Rusty Rhino

    Welcome Aboard! Trevor.
    I like your first post on Pewter Report, I also read Bucnation I do not recall your post there. Bad for me. I enjoyed this nice long read with a well thought out and parlayed information. A great breakdown of a player I really like in the upcoming draft. Who fills a big need and could overflow that need if we are able to draft him at 19. I would like to watch all the film breakdowns that you mentioned of this WR, a enjoyable tedious, adventure. Those are the best after all, right?

    I am torn in your A-B drafts.

    I LIKE THEM BOTH! We can not have them both, darn. So I am forced to choose. I have to go with B, we simply need another DE, yes we have a rookie DE In N. Spence. And a good veteran DE in R. Ayers. We add in D. Barnett to learn and grow with these and our other DL players we would be a real problem for teams to deal with.

    Our C position needs improvement, I like J. Hawley and his attitude and play to the whistle work ethic and hustle. Yet I see his area continually blown up with DT’s in our back field before the hand off takes place. To be successful going forward we need to not have this crash our plays before they even get started. Getting E. Pocic in the second round would be a great addition. Giving us IMO two players with impact abilities to both sides of the trenches.

    I am in agreement we should add talent to our RB lineup I like who we have, but more talent should increase the overall abilities of us being able to run the ball when we need to. 2-1 3-1 4-1 this should be Firsts Down! Bringing in D. Forman with better than good abilities absolutely would increase our abilities in our running game.

    Thanks Trevor for a good format and great context in your post. Looking forward to reading many more .
    Go! Bucs!

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