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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I think you have to count Dotson as more of a question mark then a 16 game starter. We could use new blood at both right guard, and right tackle. Cappa has to nail down one of those spots, and I believe Licht hopes Benenoch will fill the other. I don’t have faith in Sweezy, or Dotson health wise moving forward.

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      Please cut the great j.r. sneezy asap !!!

      Go Bucs !!!

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    The hope is that Cappa will pass Sweezy on the depth chart and be right guard. Hopefully this happens week 1, due to him being the best option. Then he can only improve from there. If not week 1, it is likely a matter of time until he starts (if the hype is for real).

    I am good with Dotson. Granted he is an injury question mark, he is a good starter. Benenoch will have to back him up.

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    Your take is spot on surferdudes, I couldn’t agree more.

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    I hope Benenoch takes the spot he looked good last year and has played his dues Cappa looks more like a tackle and needs to learn behind dot. Sweezy needs to go and look for a job somewhere else.

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    Mike Wright

    Well..it all looks so wonderful…on paper. But we’ve looked good on paper before. I’ll remain..cautiously optimistic with my Bucs. All the hype over the yrs have lead to disappointment. So..I’ll wait for the final product to produce on the field. It remains to be seen if this class is what we say it is. I know we got 3 real good players. The rest we shall see. And Sweezy needs to be cut. I said last yr he would never recover from his back injury. Play yes. But he’ll never be beyond 75%. This is the NFL..not college. The mans collecting a paycheck for nothin. Talk about easy money……..

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    And watching the draft with you guys just made it infinitely more fun, with Licht making all the right moves (except for, of course, MJ Stewart. 😉 I hope I’m proven wrong). Thanks again, Trevor, SR, and Admiral Grumpy for doing that!

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    I hope Sweezy comes back healthy and takes the rt guard job. I’m not a Benenoch fan, gets blown up inside and speed beats him on the outside. I watched some of the Senior bowl practices and the game and you could see Caapa is not nearly as comfortable on the Rt side of the line. I’m sure with the practices and pre season he wiil continue to get better, but I hope Sweezy can hold onto it. He was a very good run blocker with Seattle and I think he still can be. Looking forward to seeing the Tackle that was picked up from Tennessee play, hopefully is better than Wester. As far as the draft. I would have preferred the DE from UTSA Davenport. He’s raw but the defense needs edge rushers more than another 350lb tackle IMO. The rest of the draft looks good but I would have liked a bigger back late.

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    Great article this week. Once again you knocked it out of the park.

    The question is, who plays right guard? Sweezy? Benenoch? Cappa? To this question I am going to say Cappa. I mean it’s been 2 years and Sweezy has not impressed anyone. He is injury prone and when he played he stunk. He was missing blocks in all phases. I would be really surprised if Sweezy is on this roster come September. He would have to have a stellar training camp. With Bennenoch the team must choose where they want him to play RT of RG. I think they should let him develop at RT and be the apparent heir to Dotson. Let Cappa play guard and guard only. I see the point in versatility but gosh playing musical chairs with the Oline is hurting this OL in all phases. That whole Evan-Smith and Pamphile thing last year was a shit show. Let your starting 5 have chemistry and then have a Wester or whomever be that versatile player in case of injury. Its like the whole rotation of safeties doesn’t make sense but that is a story for another day.

    And pertaining to the first page of the Cover 3, what did you think of Licht’s maneuvers in the 2018 NFL Draft? Has he done enough in the last two drafts and in the way he’s handled them to make up for some of the draft mistakes earlier in his general manager career? Licht could not have maneuvered better in this draft it was truly a work of art seeing it. He has drafted well over the years yes he has made mistakes but all GMs do. Not one GM in the league will bat .1000 most of them don’t even bat .500. All this heat that Licht gets is unwarranted and undeserving. Licht drafted better than Dominick, Allen and maybe better than Rich McKay. The knock on McKay was he did not handle the salary cap well and I think Licht has shown that he has.

    Lastly, the front 5 should be D.Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Cappa and Dotson. Having E.Smith as a backup to both G positions and Bennenoch backup the RT position.


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    As you mencioned I believe it would be Benenoch’s job to lose at RG and I think that’s what I want (including Demat Dotson healthy to play all 16 games at RT) and I hope somewhere down the season Cappa takes one of these spots.

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    alan skelly

    Why is Smith still with this team? He spends as much time getting pushed into the backfield as he does jumping offside. The offense always looked better when Joe Hawley was in the game. Smith did more to lose the Packer game last year and it was Winston who took all the blame for trying to do too much. If he loves Green Bay so much then maybe he should ride that kid’s bike back to Wisconsin.

    Why do we keep trying to force square pegs into round holes. We do a great job drafting and developing a premier right guard and then ask him to play center and left guard. If Cappa is more comfortable on the left than right then put him on the left and put Marpet on the right. If we are worried about Dotson’s health then get or develop a right tackle.

    Flexibility is desirable for back ups but our starters need to be highly skilled specialists.

    Also, what happened to Pamphile last year. I can only assume that the constant position changes ruined him.

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    With Turnstyle Smith allowing DEs to blindside Jameis and knock the ball out of his hands or throwing him hard to the ground and injuring his shoulder or pressuring him and sacking him causing interceptions or tipping the ball, that is the key to Jameis’ turnovers and how many times did the rest of our poor OL cause Jameis to run for his life last year and force bad throws? This won’t change much this year until we put Cappa at LT and move Smith to LG where he will be a star as a road grader. But a good OLC would have already moved Smith inside but we have incompetent WarFLOP who tells everyone Smith is a Top 3 LT. Ridiculous! If that one change is forced and Dotson stays healthy you will see Jameis as an Elite QB this year. Benenoch is a very lousy RT but a much better backup RG to Marpet at RG. I am not big on Wester as a backup Tackle either. If we trade off DJax to save money for salaries next year we may be able to pickup a good backup RT. DJax failed to show for the voluntary OTAs. Godwin is a better deep threat than DJax and Watson and Shepard (we need to sign him) will be adequate WR backups.

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    Thanks Trevor. I suspect it will be Sweezy, but I hope we give Cappa a chance before long.

    The issue with the Johnson Draft Chart has long been that Jimmy used his intuition to derive a probability weighted value system. He had a great idea, but he should have used math instead of intuition to derive the point values. I hope the Bucs have made their own chart and used math!

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    Not sure how anyone can pick a starter now at right guard and tackle. I want the team to stop all this cross training nonsense and let guys play their positions as much as possible. I know why they do it but i think they bad outweighs the good on this one. Let the best 5 start the preseason then keep the lineup the same all 4 weeks unless someone else steps up and takes a spot.

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    Smith – Marpet – Jensen – Benenoch – Dotson

    Wester – Liedtke – Smith – Cappa – Seaton

    Pick 2 For Practice Squad:
    Adam Gettis (G)
    Givens Price (G)
    Cole Gardner (T)
    Ruben Holcomb (T)
    Cole Boozer (T)


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    OL should start off with

    D. Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Sweezy, and Dotson

    backed up by

    Wester, E Smith, Cappa, and Benenoch

    Give Cappa as much playing time as possible in the preseason and watch his development. Once he’s ready, he can supplant Sweezy but we shouldn’t rush him in there too early and stunt his growth.

    I’m assuming the point of playing Marpet at LG instead of RG is to give D Smith help on that side. That said, if Cappa is as capable as we seem to think, I’d say put him at LG and let Marpet get back to his future All-Pro position of RG.

    Dotson and Sweezy are both injury prone and hard to count on. While on the field though, Dotson is still very good…which we can’t say about Sweezy. As soon as his cap hit is gone we should move on from Sweezy and find another backup. If Cappa doesn’t develop quick enough, he will be a decent place holder until a better option comes available.

    As far as Licht, I’ve said many times that I am a big fan of his drafts. Sure, he’s had some colossal mishaps (Aguayo) but he’s had some later round and under the radar hits to offset those (Alexander, Marpet, Godwin, and hopefully Cappa and Watson) His movement around the board this year showed his maturation as a draft manager. Despite what happens with our record and coaching staff, I would like to see Licht stick around.

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      thank you – – sneezy CUT

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    I loved your post-draft analysis. Good insight!

    I see Licht as having learned and grown as a General Manager. I believe he has moved up to the next tier as a GM/Decision Maker in the NFL.

    We all expect to see players learn and grow into mature NFL starters and stars. No matter what the age the gentlemen are, coaches and management should continue to improve from year to year too.

    I see the Buccaneer organization as having made great progress since their post-2017 season self-examination. Let’s us see how our coaches do from this point on. The big question for me is whether we will see significant improvement in game management by Koetter and staff in our next 16 games played.

    If so, I predict that we will find ourselves in the playoffs come January.
    Go Bucs!!!

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    Licht did well to trade down with Buffalo with Josh Allen on the board, but let’s not get cute here.

    Licht didn’t need to use mind control to get a GM of a QB-needy team like Buffalo to see that one of the ‘Top 4’ QB’s was available for the taking if they were willing to go up and pay for it. That’s a benefit of the circumstances, do you proclaim John Elway a genius for taking Bradley Chubb at 5 because the Browns do Browns things every year? Of course not. Elway was fortunate to reap the rewards of their stupidity, as was Licht.

    Getting players Licht wants isn’t the issue. The guy gave JR Sweezy a 5 year 32.5 million dollar deal. He gave LT Anthony Collins a 5 year 30 million dollar deal. He traded a 3rd and a 4th for Roberto Aguayo. He traded a 5th for the right to give George Johnson a 7 million dollar deal and never record a sack.

    Just because Licht gets a player he covets doesn’t in any way guarantee that the player will be any good. The Bucs aren’t 22-42 under Licht because he’s shown to be a hall-of-fame evaluator of talent.

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    Thanks for the Cover 3 Trevor. One question: Has Jensen been to these offseason sessions? I probably still don’t recognize him too well, but I do not remember seeing him in the pictures posted. Or can we at least be sure that he is healthy? I remember there was some hype about signing Sweezy and then he missed his whole first year, and his subpar performance last year was probably due to that. It would suck to go through the same with Jensen.
    I hope Sweezy can come back early enough to attend OTAs and show his value.
    I am hoping Cappa will be the steal that most are hoping him to be, and I think that having productive seasons from Sweezy and Dotson will help Cappa ease into the NFL. Marpet didn’t need that cushion, but I don’t see how it could hurt Cappa.
    So I would love to see the starting line being: I am not going to repeat the obvious choices at the left side and Center, Sweezy and Dotson. With Benenoch and Cappa getting considerable snaps here and there.

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    I hope the great j.r. sneezy can get LOST!!!

  20. 20


    Give up your hope on sneezy

    Go Bucs !!!

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