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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Dominick surprised me and disappointed me both when he was our GM.
    Befuddling picks and crazy contracts to marginal performers and injured FA’s.
    Wonder if he can find a job at a Bath N’ Beyond because with his past performance I doubt he will ever see an NFL front office again, not even in Cleveland.

    1. 1.1


      Looks like you and me were on the same page and at the same time, right on drd.
      GO BUCS

    2. 1.2


      Nah he’s too busy giving half assed analysis on ESPN. Took us years to get out of his blunders.

  2. 2


    What ever happens with Doug is sill a major mystery. I am positive Licht has a plan.
    I do know this, if Dominick was still the GM he would screw this way up. I blame him for the years the we sucked. Licht is still sweeping up elephant turds after him.
    Who does this guy think he is. Surprised , not surprised , disappointed. Who is he to throw out that kind of bulls**t and slam Martin in such a way. If he was so smart he would have gotten another GM job. He’s like a politician, throw out some disparaging remark , waffle a bit, and then use that waffling to extricate himself from some stupid statement.
    I’m glad this douchebag has been 86’d from the BUCS organization.

  3. 3


    I have no problem with Dom stating that he’s aware of Dougs issues which he’s qualified to comment on. He didn’t elaborate or go into specifics but did make it seem like this isn’t news per say to anyone that really knew him and considering he drafted him I think he fits the bill. Who cares about what he did as GM he’s only shedding some light on the obvious issue which is Doug Martins addiction to something that goes beyond Adderrall. Cut Doug if we can replace him or re structure him bc he should only be playing on a heavily incentivized deal where his play determines his pay. Motivate the addict with cash or set him free but don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. 4


    This should come under as lessons learned? If I’m the NFL I am demanding all players must do a drug test prior to signing any contract; unless it is already inplace, but not inforced?
    Bucs have the control here. I expect they will keep Martin if he passes drug test weekl. They will give him another shot, but not with guaranteed money. He took 8 million dollars in 2016 knowing he had a drug problem; he’s has much to make up with the community, but I know he can do it.

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    Honestly I hope he cleans his life up and we resign him at a very cheap rate

    Not to make light of his situation, but if it was cocaine that he was using that was one of the most expensive lines that anybody has ever snorted

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    It was not cocaine but aderall which is prescription meficeine given to adults with ADHD.
    They drug test players all the time in the NFL, especially during the combine. They also get tested everytime you take a physical.
    If you get on their list of first time offendets you are tested constantly.
    Martin did the right thing by voluntarily going into rehab. If ASJ had ever done that he probably would srill be with the Bucs today.

    1. 6.1


      I think it was more than just that. The good news if he wants to not use whatever it is, he can do it.

    2. 6.2


      Josh Freeman also used the adderall excuse when he failed a test. Josh went from setting Bucs passing records at 23 to out of the league by 28. Good luck believing it was adderall the felled him.

      Adderall is a stimulant and will come up as such on a drug screen. Generally drug screens do not determine whether a stimulant is adderal, coke, meth etc. And the NFL isn’t voluntarily releasing those records. So it’s in a players best interest to have the agent tell news sources that the stimulant they were using was adderall and not a drug with much more negative stigma such as coke.

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    The Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud doesn’t believe Doug Martin is part of the Bucs’ plans for 2017.
    “You have to address the running back situation,” Stroud said. “I don’t think Martin is going to be part of their plans, short- or long-term, in my opinion. That’s just me.” Tampa Bay has an easy out with Martin. As a result of his failed drug test, the guaranteed money on his deal was voided, and the Bucs can get out of it scot-free. Martin just turned 28 earlier this month and has had one good season since his 2012 rookie year. GM Jason Licht figures to overhaul this backfield.

    Our own Scott Reynolds said in the December 30 Fab 5 that the Bucs need to start over at running back (Fab1). Regarding Doug Martin, he further went on to say “I wouldn’t rule out the Bucs drafting Cook or McCaffrey in the first round and the team moving on from Martin next year. In fact, I would welcome it”.

    I don’t know if Stroud or Dominik or Reynolds is credible here or not. But they all seem to be of the same mind – worth paying attention to. I for one was surprised and I am disappointed. But I don’t know enough to have a definite opinion on his future, so I’m going to leave this one to Jason Licht and company to decide. Our first signal may be gleaned from following scheduled visits at the Bucs or staff on-site visits of top RBs. This would not be a good sign for Doug’s tenure.

    1. 7.1


      Drafting a running back, or even signing a free agent, doesn’t necessarily signal the end of Martin’s time in Tampa. Most teams have at least two quality RBs to carry most of the rushing load, due to different playing styles and capabilities, and also to deal with the fact that RBs get injured a lot … more any other position on the offense.

      The first real indication will be whether, and when, the Bucs void Martin’s contract, and what they say about it at the time. If Licht just voids Martin’s contract and leaves it at that, then he’s likely done here. If Licht voids the contract but comments something to the effect that the Bucs want to work out a new deal with Martin, then he may still be done but at least he has a shot at staying on the team.

      Or, Licht could simply short circuit everything and make an announcement, which could come at any time, but is most likely not to occur while Doug Martin is still in rehab.

  8. 8


    The rumor is Adderal, but there has been no official declaration of the substance(s). Adderal seems to be the one cited by some agents because they think it sounds less serious than crack. Kids who take Adderal for ADHD aren’t crushing and snorting it. Who knows what #22 was really ingesting?

    On the plus side, the Bucs don’t really need to make a decision on Doug Martin until after the first three weeks of the 2017 season. That should be plenty of time to conclude their evaluation. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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