The East West Shrine teams were in their third day of practice on Wednesday. Below are the players that stood out to who has covered each practice.


WR Terry Wright – Purdue
Wright has exceptional speed out of his breaks. He’s got the right quickness to win the battles against defenders, whether it’s a three-yard route or a run down field, Wright can beat you both vertically and horizontally. As you can see here, he did just enough to create his space and get the first down.

That was the key for Wright on Wednesday, he put it all together with making some big catches in scrimmage. During some situational drills like 3rd-and-short, Wright was the go-to guy. Every NFL team loves having a guy like that who can help continue drives, and with the amount of preparation Wright puts into his craft, he is a threat if you’re playing against him. On this play, he makes a great catch on a low ball to convert the first down.

RB Jordan Ellis – Virginia
What is enjoyable about Ellis’ game is that he has good ability to cut or bounce to the outside, but he’s just as physical as he is fast. One category that separates a running back’s potential for use is their ability to block. During a fake handoff to him, Ellis got a running start and took on a blocker at full speed, knocking him over. When it comes to actually running the ball, he does a good job of turning on the burners to make his move upfield.


WR Ron’Quavion Tarver – Utah State
The first thing you see about Tarver is his size, but it’s his hands that make him really stand out. He is one of the more sure handed receivers you will see in this bowl game, as he caught many passes that weren’t on target, all while running in stride. Tarver has that sense to always adjust to the ball. Add that with his length and you have a receiver that will always be a target for you even when he’s covered. He’s difficult to guard against in the red zone because of that, which includes this touchdown reception that he made.

RB Devine Ozigbo – Nebraska
This running back is lightning fast, for him it starts with his footwork. He has excellent escapability, and is even more of a threat in the pass game then in the run. Ozigbo is a tough matchup for any linebacker trying to cover him on a wheel route or any other passing route. He is one of those players that only only needs a little space to find the window of opportunity to take it to the house. You’ll see in the second video what he can do when you design a screen for him. Try not to blink because you might miss him with the ball in his hands.

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