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I’ve just completed my fifth year watching every Buccaneers game on the All-22 and posting clips online. I’ve done a monthly list of top plays, but let’s take a look at the whole season here. You’ve all seen the touchdown passes and sacks from the broadcast view, but I go a bit deeper. Stuff you may not be able to fully see from the TV angles. So without further ado, here are the top 10 plays you may have missed from the Buccaneers season that popped on tape:

NO. 10 – Vita Island

Second-year defensive tackle Vita Vea can do it all. He’s been a lead blocker on touchdowns, he caught a touchdown pass, he sacks quarterbacks, and of course plugs up the middle, stopping the run. But did you know he can also drop in coverage?

Here Vita drops in zone coverage and takes away the QB’s primary read forcing him to go to his 2ndread. The pass is incomplete and it’s clear Vea is a jack of all trades.

NO. 9 – 45mph

I’m going to be honest, when the Bucs picked Devin White 5th overall, I was disappointed they bypassed the positional value of an edge rusher like Josh Allen for a position much less common in the top five in a middle linebacker. Good thing Jason Licht and team are the ones making the calls and not me because Devin White has been a revelation since getting healthy.

Here he shows off his signature closing speed which is a sight to behold. He’ll be a fun stalwart of this defense for years to come.

NO. 8 Pancake with a Broken Arm

Alex Cappa has been a nice surprise this year at right guard after having barely played his rookie year despite that position being a weak link. He showed that once he got his chance to start he didn’t want to give it up as he broke his arm early in this game in New Orleans and kept playing.

Not only did he keep playing, but he was pancaking guys with just one arm!

NO. 7  Route 66

Ryan Jensen didn’t have the first year everyone had hoped for in Tampa after signing from Baltimore, but in his second season with the Bucs, he was back in peak form. Jensen would pop weekly on film for his nasty hits on unexpecting defensive tackles and blitzers but this play was different.

He’s able to get out in space and pave the way for a big play while sending a DB flying. Impressive stuff from the anchor of the Bucs offense.

NO. 6  Special Teams Ace Lavonte David?

I hadn’t actually noticed Lavonte David playing on the punt team before, but after seeing this play, I wouldn’t mind if he did it more often.

These are the types of easter eggs you get access to when you watch the All-22.

NO. 5 – Ali Pancakes a Familiar Face

When Ali Marpet was playing right guard and Gerald McCoy was a Buccaneer they would line up against each other in practice regularly, but I’m sure this was a sweet sight for those that were happy to see #93 go.

I’ve always been a Gerald fan but was not thrilled he went to a division rival. Ali’s still in the pewter and red so this was really fun to see.

NO. 4  Vita Smash

My favorite part of watching tape lately has been watching Vita Vea just putting guys on their rumps. It’ll happen every couple of games where he’ll just run completely through a guy.

No difference here with Colts center Ryan Kelly. He was just in the way.

NO. 3  Carlton’s Click, Close, & Crush

Carlton Davis has gotten much better this year in off coverage which is not what he was used to playing in college. Here he shows off great instincts by reading the slot receiver’s route and blowing up the play. This easily could have been a forced fumble, scoop and score, but the refs decided he was there too fast.

Davis put a lot of good tape together to build on for 2020.

NO. 2  The Queen’s Guard

Whenever Ali Marpet played the Panthers this year, he pancaked a guy. The London game was no different and was one of the few positive memories from the game.

Here he takes Kyle Love who is 315 lbs., walks him sideways and drives him into the English turf!

NO. 1  Beau Knows

Beau Allen is a rotational defensive tackle and Quenton Nelson is the top guard in football. But it’s really any given Sunday in the NFL. Beau makes Nelson look like he’s got cement in his shoes on this one.


Did I miss any you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments section below or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @StevenCheah

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About the Author: Steven Cheah

I hail from, and currently live in New Jersey, but have been a Buccaneers fan since 1997. I have been a PewterReport subscriber/consumer almost as long. In 2015 I wanted to get closer to the game, so I started breaking down the All-22 tape and haven't missed a week since. I put all clips out via twitter @StevenCheah and will also be putting together some features on PewterReport with the Eye in the Sky column.
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1 year ago

Quenton Nelson beaten by Beau Allen? As a really smart Bucs fan, I think the Colts better spend all their picks on offensive linemen.

Gerald McCoy still sucks.

1 year ago

“Quenton Nelson is the top guard in football”…ahhh, if only our GM understood.

1 year ago

For being “fat and out of shape” that #50 looked pretty fast and agile. So too that “bust” #45. Of course I’m being sarcastic.

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg