Eye In The Sky comes to you from PewterReport.com contributor Steven Cheah, who has been breaking down the Buccaneers All-22 on Twitter since 2015. Cheah will be joining PewterReport.com with video analysis for a monthly feature to closely examine the top plays you may have missed. Here are a few plays that stood out when watching the tape.

No. 5 – Dare’s Cut Block

Dare Ogunbowale has struggled in both pass and punt protection this season. But he is improving and does a nice job here going low and cutting the blitzing cornerback to buy his quarterback some extra time.

Pass protection is obviously a huge point of emphasis after Ronald Jones just got benched for missing an assignment, so hopefully Ogunbowale can keep getting better.

No. 4 – Donovan Smith Out in Space

Donovan Smith draws a lot of criticism and while he does have lows that everybody sees, he also has plenty of highs too. Here is one of those great plays with the very athletic Smith using that athleticism to get out in space and put a cornerback on his rear end.

It’s plays like these that typically get overlooked, but hard to miss a guy putting another man on his butt on the All-22.

No. 3 – Ryan Jensen Serving Pancakes

Ryan Jensen is slimmed down this year but an even bigger bully. Against Atlanta he gets up to the second level and finds Deion Jones and just tries to throw him into the Earth’s core.

Just an unreal pancake.

No. 2 – Mike Evans Climbs the Ladder

Mike Evans is 6-5 with freak show 35 1/8″ arms and a 37-inch vertical. He uses almost all of those measurables here to go up and pluck this ball out of the stratosphere. Take a look at just how high he gets up in the end zone view.

Just a remarkable catch by the best receiver in Buccaneers history.

No. 1 – Carlton’s Click, Close, & Crush

Carlton Davis has gotten much better this year in off coverage which is not what he was used to playing in college. Here he shows off great instincts by reading the slot receiver’s route and blowing up the play. This easily could have been a forced fumble, scoop and score, but the refs decided he was there too fast.

In my eyes this was a statement hit that was the cherry on top of what could be this generation’s win in San Diego for the 96′ Bucs.

Did I miss any you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments section below or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @StevenCheah

I’ll be back next month with even more plays from the Bucs’ fourth quarter of the 2019 campaign.

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About the Author: Steven Cheah

I hail from, and currently live in New Jersey, but have been a Buccaneers fan since 1997. I have been a PewterReport subscriber/consumer almost as long. In 2015 I wanted to get closer to the game, so I started breaking down the All-22 tape and haven't missed a week since. I put all clips out via twitter @StevenCheah and will also be putting together some features on PewterReport with the Eye in the Sky column.
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1 year ago

Yes! Mike Evans catch that wasn’t. Was it last game, I believe, when Mike went up and did a 360 degree turn while jumping into the stratosphere to make a sideline catch…that was called back on a penalty! It was simply amazing!

Reply to  bucballer
1 year ago

Isn’t that the play ME13 couldn’t get his right foot down?

1 year ago

Loved that Carlton Davis hit. That’s about as text book as a tackle can be and the timing was fantastic. Love to see it! Now let’s get out there and beat up on these colts!

Reply to  chefboho
1 year ago

Loved that hit by Davis as well. One of the reasons I thought Pewter Report highlighting Davis needing to step up or he would be in jeopardy of losing his job was idiotic.

Reply to  Dman
1 year ago

I think the reason they suggested Davis step up his game was less based on his performance and more on the rookies trying to outshine him. It’s a GREAT problem to have and very welcome to say the least