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    All of the playoff scenarios are mind-boggling. But hey, it’s a lot more fun than trying to determine our 2017 Draft position. This time a year ago some folks actually wanted the Bucs to lose the last two games to assure selecting in the top ten.

    Anything can happen in the NFL. I just hope the mighty Bucs put the Dallas game behind them quickly. That Saints team and Drew Brees, who floundered a week ago at RayJay, sure lit up JonnyG’s Cardinals.

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      I was one of those fans, once you become eliminated for playoffs there is no such thing as a moral victory in the NFL, so yes higher draft selection can be the difference of us drafting Broderick Thomas vs Derrick Thomas remember those meaningless victories at seasons end to miss out on future hall of famers? I do!

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        Hell, if we had beaten Saints at seasons end we wouldn’t have had Jamies or Mariotta to select from as our future qb’s



          Heck JonnyG we had fans here looking to lose games with four to go; play-offs or no play-offs. I was all in favor of tanking the Saints game, but when you’re sitting in the stands among the enemy fans chanting “Who Dat” it is a lot harder to be happy with loss than sitting in front of your TV in Arizona.

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    Ok, so how do we own the tie breaker with Green Bay? Someone help me out. I actually think Carolina has a shot at beating the Redskins tonight because I think Washington is underachievers in general. Charilus, absolutely terrible! I hope Dotson is back for next weeks game at NOLA. Winston, I love you as our QB, but man you have got to hit the deep ball, The one that humphries caught was a gift but his throws in general last night were a bit off i.e. under thrown, over thrown, short, high. To be one of the elite teams in this league, we have to capitalize in the red zone or more importantly, when our defense causes a turnover and we have the ball inside the opponents 50 yard line and do nothing with it. My prediction last week was that the lions would lose out, the packers would win the north and we would get in at 10-6 so i’m sticking to it……Don’t blow it Bucs, if we are truly turning the corner, we will win out these last 2 and still be a dangerous team to play in the postseason.

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      Randy H.

      You are right, the Bucs don’t own the tiebreaker, the Packers would get in on strength of victory.

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        No we do own the tie breaker. Tampa Wins tie break over Green Bay based on best win percentage in common games.


          Randy H.

          Then why are the Packers’ the 6th side now????

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    I’m glad we’ll be picking around 20 this year, means we’re getting better. Less pressure picking there, on the club, and player. Good position for trades also. Just peaking ahead, because I’m totally focused on the next two weeks, we saw what a good O line looks like last night. I’m on the draft offensive line first round bandwagon.

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    All I care about is we win the next 2 games. New Orleans is capable in doing the same thing to us like the Cowboys just did if we don’t change the play schemes on offense and defense. Go Bucs! Find a way.

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    Bring on the Saints!!!! Go Bucs!!!!!

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    Randy H.

    The Bucs’ would not be in as the 6th seed even if the Redskins lose–the Packers would be. Common games are a tie (SEA, DAL, CHI and ATL). The Packers would be in based on strength of victory.

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      Randy, I still think the packers are going to win the north and Detroit loses out (Cowboys/Packers) in their last two games. Just my opinion and be optimistic here that our loss to the Cowboys does not necessarily burry us just yet.

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        Randy H.

        I agree with you. However the article stated that right now the Bucs have the tiebreaker on the Packers, but that is not correct.

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    That’s one I thought could have happened prior to last night…..The Redskins losing to Carolina

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