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    I’ve noticed our guys aren’t really playing any bump and run coverage. A staple that got Lovie canned. I know our safety’s suck, but we need to start doing something at the line to get these receivers off of their routes. Our Db’s are just too small to keep letting receivers run free and get in space. The smoked us week one, the receivers that is, so let’s hope we picked up some things. It’s going to help not having Coleman and Tammey for them this week.

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    We need D line to play their asses off like week one and get pressure on Ryan or we are going to get torched. Winston needs a good game too with no turnovers for us to have a shot here. Short week advantage goes to home team. Both teams have injuries. I just hope we can have a good game and get back to .500. Perhaps I should just hope we don’t get blown out. Lol. Trying to stay positive but every year it just gets harder and harder…..who will run ball? Barber and Smith don’t look very impressive. James been around a while. Slow but pretty powerful. Hope we can run it. Way Winston playing lately I just don’t think he can do anything unless play action is working.

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    Smitty has to do something to switch up the coverages. It turns into 7 on 7 against good offenses with the way our CB’s play off coverage. VH3 & Grimes aren’t big dudes, but at least try to jam the WR off his route. Our safeties are crap in coverage, but they’re getting beat playing zone anyway. Might as well try to get pressure on the QB with everything you got. Kwon & Lavonte have to have a monster game. Ayers, Spence need at least a sack a piece.

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