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    When the Bucs cut Josh Freeman, a far inferior QB to Winston in the middle of the season the Vikings immediately signed him and started him with a week of practice.

    Florio has long disliked Winston going back to his FSU days and strongly supported Mariota over Winston coming out. Florios feelings on Winston personally are strongly clouding his judgment here.

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      Was always notable that Florio, who loves to whip out his law background, veered heavily towards the accusation in his coverage rather than the multitude of legal and pseudo legal standards the accusation failed to stand up to or the antics of the accuser’s attorney/aunt. But that’s ancient history. Winston said the day he was drafred he was going to have to prove to the world who ge was by his actions on and off the field and that remains the case.

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    This doesn’t matter. The point, as expressed, has mostly to do with timing, draft commitments, and cap constraints. A more fair assessment would be this… if Winston had hit free agency this year, how many teams would be after him and how much money would he get paid? The answer to both questions is “a lot”. The end.

    1. 2.2


      Winston is better but it’s just not by that much at all. Plus Winston turn overs aren’t just in passing he fumbles the ball a lot.

      In terms of just stats over 4 years he’s below average unless you ignore the turn overs completely.

    2. 2.3
    3. 2.4


      I love Sekkima’s article, but Floria is a joke. Before this I really respected him. “No other team would start Winston.” Let me tell you something James Winston would last about a grand total of Three seconds on the open market. This dude is a clown and a obvious hater. Have you seen some of the bums in this league? What boggles my mind is how can someone who CLAIMS to have knowledge of sports make such an asinine comment and still retain his job? What does it say about his employer?

  3. 3

    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    “F” Mike Florio. He is a hack that is on a poor network and is seldom listened to. This is “click bait” style of journalism and shows his poor skill sets.

    Winston has his issues, no doubt. But he is in the top ten of starting quarterbacks in the league and should only get better.

    1. 3.1


      Florio needs to get into a drug rehab program quickly.

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    Did the deep breaths help T? Maybe I’m doing it wrong. As angry as the article made me, the comments section drove me over the edge. There is a line around the block to pat Favre on the back, but Winston couldn’t start anywhere in the NFL? Same style. Same drive. Haters can remember his “Eat a W” speech, but can’t remember he was the 1st man out on the Field embracing Kwon after his father had passed?? I’m getting all TO over here, “That’s my QB.” If Florio wanted to rally some Bucs’ fans he did a spectacular job. Pin that article to the wall @ 1Buc. Put it in my seat on Sundays. Bring it on people. Come down for the sunshine, and stay for your @ss whoopin.

    1. 4.1


      Brother, not Father. My bad. Threw more Favre in there. Got Fired up. More Deep Breaths.

  5. 5

    Harry Winston

    Mike Florio. is a closet hater who’s trying to help that show rating’s . has he ever play the game or is he a couch champion take this hate elsewhere

  6. 6


    Huh… The issue was pass rush, not quarterback; hopefully this has been fixed.

  7. 7


    Start with 2 top 15 picks now then we could talk…he posses me off alot but I wouldn’t do that.

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    Pluck mike florio and the horse he rode in on!!!

  9. 10


    If Florio was fired by his show, I don’t think that he’d be picked up by any other stations.

  10. 11


    what has Winston done ? after being 1st pick in draft ,NOT much !

    1. 11.1


      he holds nearly every passing record in the book for a QB 24 and under, and he was one of the better Quarterbacks in the league last year when healthy. Plus as Mark Cook would tell you, if it weren’t for Jude Ajai-Barimah’s extremely stupid defensive holding penalty, then he would have gone 10-6 and made the playoffs in 2016.

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    Blaming Winston for the rest of the Team’s woes is absurd. He cannot make up for a team that has no running game and no defense. He would have easily produced over 4000 yards had he been the starter for all 16 games. His completion percentage went up, and yes he had some fumble issues but for me, This is the best QB this Franchise has ever had. Not only would he be the Starter on most other Teams, he would compete in the playoffs and probably take the team further than 90% of the starting QB’s in the league.

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    Florio is a moron. Don’t be tempted by his clickbait website. Totally waste of time.

  13. 14


    There is a formula that rates QB take the total yards divide by attempts -subtract 50 yards for each Int and Lost fumble you get average yards, 3,504 minus 11 Int + 7 lost fumbles 18 times 50 = -900 so take 2604 divide by 442 you get 5.89
    5.89 will not make you a starter on any team wanting to win more games than they lose .
    So go ahead yell at the math call the math a hatter

    Brady 7.09
    Brees 7.33
    Smith 8.01

    1. 14.1


      The notion that no other team would pick him up if he was available is absurd. He will end up being a perpetual Probowler. And if this team can protect him, and run the ball and have a defense that is not last, He will march them into the playoffs year after year.

    2. 14.2


      Thank you for injecting some objective facts here. The truth is that Winston does everything EXCEPT win. And for those who say it’s the defense or the lack of running game, Fitz, a far less talented QB, went 2-1 with the same teammates, Winston 3-10. Think about that, Winston started 10 MORE games and could ONLY manage 1 more win. At this point in his career Winston is a losing QB, pure and simple. I don’t agree with Florio because there are a handful of teams that would pick him up, but I don’t see Jacksonville doing it. Is Winston more talented than Bortles yes, does he give them a better chance to win, maybe not due to his being TO prone.

    3. 14.3


      So your “math” just said Alex Smith is the best QB in football? Do I have that right? Between Drew Brees and Tom Brady you’re taking Alex Smith?

      Seems like you’ve answered the question of your own metric’s viability in your 3 examples provided.

    4. 14.4


      You’re an idiot. Plain and simple. That’s possibly the dumbest math to evaluate QB’s I’ve ever seen.

  14. 15


    Cannot imagine why you have written this article. Why even comment on anything Florio writes especially this line of thinking–waste of your time and my time that I even read any part of it. Expect better of this website–really worthless article.

  15. 16


    All I know is, we are going to the Super Bowl. This is the best Buc team in a long time

  16. 17


    I think it’s absurd for him to say he wouldn’t be signed. That said he does need to stop treating every play like it is backyard football! What I mean is he acts like it’s the last play of a 2 min drive in the 4th qtr of the Super Bowl on EVERY play and it leads to him pressing and taking some big risks such as hanging on to the ball much too long. It’s the one area he hasn’t much improved in and it leads to entirely too many turnovers. Idk if it can be coached out of him or if there’s plays they can call to take advantage but it has to get better. It has really. I won’t say there’s been no improvement but it has to get much better for this team to make the playoffs. A good running game and defense would help a lot! It is probably the main reason he still plays like that, not having either.

    1. 17.1


      Nice to see that someone besides me sees Jameis the same way. His never give up style is his Achilles heal. If the team gets an effective running game, a defense that isn’t the leagues worst and a mediocre placekicker, # 3 might not think it’s all on him.

  17. 18


    Sam Bradford gets 20 million from some dumb team every year, and not only does he suck, he NEVER stays healthy! Teams would line up if Winston was available. The article is a hit job by a hack.

  18. 19

    Tony Dickson

    I seriously doubt Florio watches all Buc games to get a true perspective of Winston’s abilities, he probably just looks at whatever stats he chooses and comes up with the story line or narrative he likes. Lets not forget he’s a Pittsburgh fan and by comparison he sees the Bucs as losers, and not to mention he got his feelings hurt by Koetter, so not an exactly impartial view point on his part.

  19. 20


    Touchdowns are good and Int are bad last three years Winston has 69 TD /44 INT = 6.3 INT FOR 10 TD
    Brady 1.7 INT per 10 TD
    Brees 2.7 INT per 10 TD
    Smith 3.5 Int Per 10 TD
    Winston 6.3 INTERCEPTIONS for every 10 TOUCHDOWNS what team would sign QB to be a starter that throws 6.3 almost 7 INT for every 10 TD
    Again the math is a hatter
    Basic QB 101 Touchdowns good Interceptions are bad
    Winston fans think Denial is a river in Egypt

    1. 20.1


      And English 101, it’s called hater, not hatter. Did you even graduate High School? You are the worst kind of fan. Someone that looks at int’s and nothing else. Try taking everything into context before you bash someone. Like for instance, the Bucs annual bottom 5 defense. Or how about Jameis supporting cast his first 2 seasons. A consistent bottom 5 defense, the worst kicker in the league, and the offense around him was as follows: RB’s – D.Martin, C.Sims, J.Rodgers, B.Rainey, J.Lane, P.Barber. WR’s – Evans, A.Humphries, F.Martino, J.Huff, C.Shorts, D.Dye, R.Shepard, and L.Murphy. TE’s – B.Myers, ASJ, L.Stocker, and A.Cross. There’s a handful of division 1 college teams that had better teams around their QB than Winston had. That’s the worst group of pass catchers I’ve ever seen. Last year they finally gave him talent to work with. And in the games where Jameis was healthy and played the entire game, his 16 game pace numbers were as follows: 5000 yards, 30 total TD’s, 8.2 YPA, 64%, and a 101 QB rating. Those are elite numbers. Injuries was the only thing stopping those numbers. He turns the ball over a lot because he has a historically bad defense allowing yards and TD’s in bunches, so he’s forced to play from behind every single game. This is common sense. Even if the great Tom Brady was the Bucs QB, they are not a playoff team. Plain and simple

      1. 20.1.1


        Dave, I am not the ” hater ” it’s the math that is the hater Dave, the math says he loses 70% of games he starts its the stupid way NFL gives the ball to other team after #3 throws INT and lost fumbles that is the hater Dave!
        Then there is the darn hateful way NFL sends teams with the best record to playoffs it is unfair to Bucs and Winston Dave.



          Ok well stats are for losers. There’s so much more that goes into winning and losing. Jameis Winston is ONE player on a team of 53. And saying his TO’s is why the Bucs are a losing team, is so moronic and sad it’s not even funny. You keep saying the stats are the haters not you, right? Well here’s my stats for ya. These are the Bucs ranks as a team, in every category not including passing offense( which are all near the top btw) let’s start with rushing offense. Yds/gm – 27th. YPC – T28th. Rushing TD’s – T27th. Sacks allowed – T20th. Now let’s move on to defense(here’s where it gets really laughable) Total defense – Last. Passing defense – Last. Run defense – 23rd. Scoring defense – T25th. Sacks – Last. TD runs allowed – 30th. Completion % allowed – 29th. QB Rating allowed – T27th. YPA allowed – 29th. YPC allowed – T26th. So what do these “numbers” say? Jameis Winston had one of the worst teams around him of any QB in the league. Blaming him knowing how putrid his defense, OLine, and running game were, is borderline pathetic. No QB can win with a horrible team around him. Just look at Mariota. He was one of the worst QB’s in the league last year. But because he had a great team around him, the team still made the playoffs. Put Mariota on the Bucs, and they’re a 3 or 4 win team at best. Blaming Winston for the Bucs failures, shows an incredible lack of football knowledge. It’s actially comical

    2. 20.2


      I hate to be a Mad “Hatter” of your math Mike.Seven, but allow me to point you to a man named Brett Favre (it’s pronounced “Farve”, weird I know). This gentleman/HOFer went to the Pro Bowl 11x, was AP NFL MVP 3x, Super Bowl winner once, 2nd all time in NFL passing yards/TD’s.

      Brett Favre had a career of 508 TD’s and 336 INT’s meaning:

      Favre 6.6 “almost 7 INT for every 10 TD”

      Now your very “Basic QB 101” would say that poor Brett couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of the great Alex Smith let alone start for an NFL team because ‘Touchdowns good Interceptions are bad.’ But I assure you, I promise you in fact, that Mr Favre was actually a solid player and most teams would have been happy to have him, even if your “math” says otherwise.

      1. 20.2.1


        I would be remiss if I didn’t give some other examples to obliterate your argument Mike.Seven so allow me to add a few current or recent players for comparison sake:

        Brett Favre 6.6 INT for every 10 TD
        Jameis Winston 6.3 INT for every 10 TD
        Robert Griffin 6.2 INT for every 10 TD
        Mike Glennon 5.9 INT for every 10 TD
        Sam Bradford 5.6 INT for every 10 TD
        Tim Tebow 5.3 INT for every 10 TD

        All of the above players have better ‘math’ than Jameis or Brett Favre. By your logic, Tampa should try to swing a deal with Arizona for either Glennon or Bradford or just do the easy thing and sign Tim Tebow from AA Baseball because apparently he’s better than everyone listed.

  20. 21



    And? Peyton manning threw 85 TD’s to 58 picks in his first 3 seasons. or 6.8 picks per 10 touchdowns.

  21. 22


    A think Mike Smith tells his wife at night ,I take so much heat for this defense do they realize Winston scores fast! Defense back on field no rest, More three and out than any of QB in league defense back on field no rest, 1.7 interceptions a game defense back on field no rest, .8 lost fumbles a game Defense back on field no rest . And every body says it the defense fault that every team Bucs play- the defense is wore out in 4th quarter cause no ball control and Jason Licht likes fatties on D line got him self a new one with Veta.
    Finally some on other than me notice Winston loses 70% of every game he starts.

    1. 22.1


      Funny how Jameis Winston statistically led the league with 40% of his completions going for 1st downs. He also had three games last year with over a 120 qbr and lost all three of those games. The rest of the league was 31-3 which a qbr that high, but I guess you know all of this with you me simple “win/loss” record.

    2. 22.2


      Actually the Bucs were 8th in the NFl in the least amount of three an outs last year in the NFL. Try to at leaste look up stats before trying meagerly to troll.

  22. 23


    I will say on the positive side he is a nice guy and talks a lot about wining !

  23. 24


    Florio has zero credibility. Zero!

  24. 25
    1. 25.1


      C’mon Pink. You know you never liked Jameis Winston and your bias shows. Having been a Bucs fan as long as you have, you must see he’s better than any other QB in team history in spite of his one flaw………..trying too hard.

      1. 25.1.1


        Pink probably still thinks mariota is better even though statistically he was worse than jameis in almost every category with a much better oline, running game, AND defense. Some of these people are relentless with their “it’s all jameis fault” it’s so short sighted I don’t try to even respond half the time because they won’t see t anyways



          Interesting comment chefbohohoho If my memory is correct I sat down in my big chair and watched Mariota win a playoff game I watched him perform well in 2 playoff games, I checked all the channels and could not find a Bucs playoff game then looked at division and saw they were the last place maybe NFL is a hater not putting Jamies in playoffs. When Mariota went playoffs I thought that argument was settled.

      2. 25.1.2


        I just care about different things than most of you when it comes to the Bucs and I’ve come to peace with that. I never liked Jameis Winston because I knew if we drafted him we’d lose more than we’ve win and we’ve lost more than we’ve won. Nothing else matters to me with regards to this team other than winning the Super Bowl and you can’t win it if you lose more than you win. The team history of QBs means nothing to me because we have a lousy history of QBs. Beat the other teams in the league playing right now.

        I could explain again why we’ll always lose more than we win with Winston but again talk is cheap. That’s why we have scoreboards, win-loss records, playoffs and Super Bowls. If you all care about things other than that as it relates to the Bucs feel free to keep talking about it, but I’ve stopped reading it.

  25. 26


    Yep, people didn’t like Brett Favre’s style either but he’s got a SuperBowl ring now doesn’t he? Winston is still 24 years old, holds multiple records and some people still don’t believe in him. Well believe what you want, but I’d rather have Winston as the team leader than say an Alex Smith, nothing against Alex Smith. I think with a balanced running attack and better O line play, Winston will not have to reach to make plays and won’t turn the ball over as much. Florio can have Sam Bradford and Marcus Mariota if he wants, but I think he needs to give his head a shake.

  26. 27


    I won’t even dignify this with a response….

    Wait, I already did….damn it

  27. 28


    Florio is a hack. Click baiting

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