Finally, the Bucs and Antonio Brown can agree on something.

Brown is apparently still in New York City after getting released by the Bucs. This came following his third quarter outburst where he left the sideline, tossing his shirt and gloves into the crowd before leaving.

A video captured recently by TMZ shows the former Buc hitting up a restaurant in New York City to meet with rapper Kanye West. With multiple cameras and flash photography, Brown was asked briefly about the walk-off moment to end his NFL season.

“It probably wasn’t necessary or professional,” Brown said.

Brown’s relationship may be new with West, but the infamous rapper was actually in attendance in Tampa for the Bucs’ win on Monday night against the Giants. Brown did not play in that game, as he was still recovering from an ankle injury.

Since getting released by the Bucs, Brown has been quite busy even though he’s not playing football. He’s recently dropped a new rap song and appeared on the Full Send Podcast where he aired out a lot of his former teammates. Brown finished the season with 42 catches for 545 yards and four touchdowns.

You can watch the full TMZ video here.

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7 days ago


7 days ago

What kind of many walks out and quits on his teammates like that. Especially one who got his selfish ass back into the game.

7 days ago

Thanks Captain Obvious. Ya think it was unprofessional? A.B. Is a real diaper load.

7 days ago

My boy called me today. He lives on Davis Island. Said AB rents house across street. He said it’s not a pretty sight. Garbage, golf carts and lots of cars. He said it looks like 10-12 people r staying there. Just chaos he says. Neighbors complaining. Haven’t we seen this movie before from AB? Guys just a total azzhat. At least he’s consistent in his exploits. Wow!

7 days ago

Please stop writing about this guy.

Reply to  Dman
6 days ago

You said it all!

6 days ago

No shit it wasn’t necessary or professional. A 3 year old throwing a tempted tantrum because he was told to go back in the game 3 times and I say 3 times because the formation using him was called he waved it off, then BA told him twice to go in, so that’s 3 times he said no then got mad and threw his temper tantrum. I just want the media to stop reporting about what AB does or doesn’t do. He’s not in the NFL, not on a roster, and no longer a Buc so let’s get back to… Read more »